An Opinion : Challenge or Temptation

Sometimes, when we (human, red) found some inconveniences in our road of life, immediately we judge it as  “temptations”. And who’s going to responsible for that? We answer it quickly: God. Actually, I feel that is a wrong action. Why? Let’s discuss this further.

Let’s build same perceptions about God’s action and human’s. Human don’t know what God has planned in our life. But, we believe He will never do something bad for us. His action always based on human kindness, with love. Human actions, sometimes based on our ego, for the shake of us. And often, we’ve dropped in to a problem (what we’ve called temptation, sometimes) because of our own fault. On the other side, another inconveniences come when we do something for good purposes, for other kindness. Is it a temptation? Some of us said : Yes, it is. Ummm, actually, me-you-them-all of us, can’t answer it. Because we don’t know what God’ve planned.

God’s thoughts are beyond human. We can’t reach His cogitations. Because human don’t know what God’ve planned, so I believe we don’t have right to judge a situation, is it a temptation or not. We have no capability to categorize the bad situation. So, let’s called it as “Challenge” from now on. Let’s break the challenges and walk arm in arm with God. Because we believe, He will never leave us in any kind of situations. He will lead us.

Agree or disagree? It’s depend on you. It’s just an opinion.

An Opinion : Challenge or Temptation

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