The Meaning of Graduation

“Yuriko Sonambela and Kartika Ika Pratiwi, both of you are passed the examination with a very satisfy grade by examiners.” The moderator closed the session by tapping the table three times at Wednesday, Nov 19th 2008. Huff… Both of us are smiling. It was a long and hectic day. It took much preparation and efforts. It took much help from family, lecturer, friends, and more. We closed the day with smile and hope.

Finally, Yuriko Sonambela, ST. Not bad… “ST” will look great at my wedding invitation (please don’t ask when).

Feel happy? Of course I am. It took 5 years effort (I know-I know… 4 years normally. I am outstanding. Puas?)

Satisfied? Not really. The amount of Indonesian unemployment citizen are just rising because of me.

Breathe freely? Of course! Do you think I’m asthmatic???? (manage you manner!)

Then, what next? Is it special? No, it is not. Thousands scholars graduate every year. I’m just one of them. What makes me special? That’s the point. I have to have “something” more that other (something = capability, talent, skills, etc.) that will make me special. You know, graduation is not an achievement. It is the beginning of the rivalry world, to verify of your capability and maturity. I’ve planned my life well, short-term and long-term objectives have been drafted and keep on schedule until this time. But, actually, I think I’m not ready to face this stage. I am worry now. Should I keep riding on my objectives or should I adjust or change it? I don’t know….. I’m doubt. I am less of preparation to face this battle.

The Meaning of Graduation

5 thoughts on “The Meaning of Graduation

  1. Congratulation to my beloved friends Yuriko and Ika.Hopely, in the future you will be the successful people that useful for your nation. And now,what are you doing in the next level of your life? Will you get married soon? As yourfriend ,i just waiting for your invitation dear…


  2. BundaDiba says:

    Tante Yuriko,
    Diba mengucapkan congratulations ya udah jadi sarjana!!!!!!
    Wish you all the success in all your future endeavours.
    Kapan nih nengokin Diba di Sorowako sambil nganterin undangan? hehehhehe

    cup cup muah dari Diba nun jauh di Sorowako


  3. being winner and the jobless and at the same time!

    waw, it must be @$##%$$@%^

    BUT we all know life goes on and just let your self play the God’s Plan. The way is right there. Some guidance will come and teach us something…

    anyway::congratz for being a girl with ST

    PS : I’ll wait ur wedding invitation card;)



    Yes, your task isn’t done yet. It’s still a long way to go. Keep on fighting.

    Keep looking at your objective. But if you think it’s needed some change, don’t hesitate your self to review it. Find your capabilities and improve it. And never give up.

    Wanna see you someday to be a successful person. 😀

    Success is my right,


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