broken statuetteMy brother had just broken a statuette at my desk. It’s made from counterfeit crystal, but it is a birthday present from “Me Amigos” at the college. I felt upset for a moment. It took several hours to realize how stupid I am. I made a mountain of molehill. You know, I should learn to develop the “Zero” characteristic. When something happen improperly or going out from your expectations, we have to learn to feel “Zero”. Feel sorry too much will create negative impacts to our self and other. Feel upset too much will create negative circumstances. Blaming others and our self too much will defeat your relationship and your self. It is also important to evaluate our mistake or improper situation, but please don’t waste your time too much by feel sorry or disappoint. You know, “The teacher is gone, when the lesson is done.” The problems are our teacher. So, learn something from your problem and let your teacher away. Learn to feel “Zero”.

Keep up the spirit, Amigos!


Graduation Ceremony

yurikoMy five years study at college is end in here, at this building, Baruga A. Pettarani of Hasanuddin University, December 23, 2008, Makassar. The Head of University is standing in front of us, with many professors, dean and dean assistants from whole faculty of Hasanuddin University. They are using the similar costume with us, but with different collar.

My heart is beating faster when 1stDean Assistant of Engineering Faculty call my name, Yuriko Sonambela, ST. I encourage my self, try to walk confidently, but it is still hard to walk confidently in front of thousands other alumnus and parents. The Head of University give me a red map with a big golden sign at the top, golden sign of University. He shakes my hand and gives a big smile. I can’t explain my feeling. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy for this official anouncement of my bachelor degree. Sad for leaving this university and faculty. The library of knowledges. You know, the content of this library is not just the books, but also the lecturers, employees, friends, seniors, juniors, and every part of it. I learn much from them.

All alumnus read shrill the Graduate Promises with spirit and conviction together. I do hope we can keep our promises. Keep the promises to our self, to our Faculty, to our University and our beloved Indonesia.

Viva Academia…

Graduation Ceremony

Basic Hypnotherapy Training

Wow! How lucky I am. I’ve got a chance to join a training entitled Basic Hypnotherapy for free!!!! The training held on 21 Desember 2008 at Mercure Hotel Makassar. It started at 9.30 am and ended at 7.00 pm.  The participants are about 15 persons. So, we can learn deeply, theory and practically.

How does Hypnosis work? I believe, some of us still hard to believe how does “Hypnosis” work. I was one of you. I didn’t believe in Hypnosis. I can’t accept it logically. But, after that training, I started to change my paradigm about hypnosis. The trainer, Ir. Hendrikus, CH., CHT., CPLT., could explain it logically. He explained it with facts, proofs, and showed us directly how does hypnosis work. He also tought us, how important hypnosis in our life and how to do “Self Hypnosis”. Interested?

First of all, what is hypnosis? Psycological Assosiation explained that Hypnosis is a procedur that engage Cognitive Process, the subject is guided by an Hypnotist to give responds for suggests. Hypnosis could change sense, perception, thought, feeling and behaviour.

Hypnosis is a scientific phenomenon. Hypnotherapy can be started when a person in Alpha or Theta condition. In this condition, a person will be more receptive all the positive suggests that are given by hypnotherapist. It could change the way he/she feel, think and act.

What is Alpha or Theta condition? Those are the brain wave (Hz)  categorizing. There are 4 brain wave catogorizes :

Beta Normal : 15-30 Hz. Awake, normal alert conscioueneces. Study or work condition.

Alpha Light Trance : 9-14 Hz. Relaxed, calm, meditation, creative visualization. Pra-sleep condition. This is the beginning phase to acess our subconcious mind.

Theta Medium Trance : 4-8 Hz. Deep relaxation and meditation, problem solving. Our brain will produce catecholamines more in this condition.  This is the next phase to acess our subunconcious mind.

Delta Deep Trance : 1-3 Hz. Deep, dreamless sleep.

The fact is, most of human use only 12% of their brain capacity (Beta condition). The other 88% are what we’ve called subconcious mind (Alpha and Theta condition). So, to inject a suggest, you have to in Alpha or Theta condition. When your breathe are slower, your mind is calm, and you can maintain this condition, it would be more easy for you to acess you subconsious mind, your 88% brain capacity.

How to do your own Hypnotherapy (Self Hypnosis) :

1. First of all, you have to create your “Happiness Room” in your mind and the way you acess it. It could be an empty simple room, could be a crowded room filled with your family and your best friend, could be the beach, or anything. You should feel happy and find your equanimit in this room. When you can maintain this room, it is the Alpha condition and could be Theta.

2. Find your best position before start this session. It will be better to lie down in a carpet/matras/bed.

3. Say to your self, “In ten deep breathes, I will enter my Happiness Room.”

4. Say to your self, “When I wake up, I will be ………(suggests)……….”

5. Say to your self, “I will wake up in… (10 minutes/tomorrow or other, depend on you)….”

6. Close you eyes and start to count your breathe.

Some tips in doing Self Hypnosis are :

a. Do not say “Don’t” or “Not to..”, because our subconsious mind dont receive this word. That’s why the children will do more when we say “Dont do that,” to them.

b. Do not whispering, you have to talk to your self clearly. It will be better to use your name. Example : When Yuriko wake up, Yuriko will be a dilligent person.

c. You have to belive that you can hypnosis your self

Trust me, this is really usefull. I can wake up on time now, I can allay pain, I can suggest my self to change my bad habbits. Hope It could be useful for all of you. Anyway, just the same with you, I am still learning to do better Self Hypnosis.

Keep up the spirit!

Basic Hypnotherapy Training