Graduation Ceremony

yurikoMy five years study at college is end in here, at this building, Baruga A. Pettarani of Hasanuddin University, December 23, 2008, Makassar. The Head of University is standing in front of us, with many professors, dean and dean assistants from whole faculty of Hasanuddin University. They are using the similar costume with us, but with different collar.

My heart is beating faster when 1stDean Assistant of Engineering Faculty call my name, Yuriko Sonambela, ST. I encourage my self, try to walk confidently, but it is still hard to walk confidently in front of thousands other alumnus and parents. The Head of University give me a red map with a big golden sign at the top, golden sign of University. He shakes my hand and gives a big smile. I can’t explain my feeling. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy for this official anouncement of my bachelor degree. Sad for leaving this university and faculty. The library of knowledges. You know, the content of this library is not just the books, but also the lecturers, employees, friends, seniors, juniors, and every part of it. I learn much from them.

All alumnus read shrill the Graduate Promises with spirit and conviction together. I do hope we can keep our promises. Keep the promises to our self, to our Faculty, to our University and our beloved Indonesia.

Viva Academia…

Graduation Ceremony

2 thoughts on “Graduation Ceremony

  1. Nov 15th says:

    Dear little sister,
    Selamat ya…
    Senang jg trharu ingat anak Coops yg galak ini, skrg udh Sarjana rupanya ente..
    ehm…Msh suka julurin lidahnya Orocimaru ga? Im still guest what that mean please stop it.

    owch … U do it again, isnt? Hehe..
    So what now, did u want to fist me again..huehe… (Smile)
    well done ..nice to meet u here…
    Really gladly, see a little girl i known goes wise now, still make me proud. Keep in spirit! Miss u..


  2. yhan says:

    Wiii…canti’ ko lagi pren.. Ups..i’m lying, sorry God!
    I think that a graduation means a great responsibility put in our shoulder (tukang bakmi pikulan kalee..).. That’s why i still enjoy being a student, hwehehe


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