broken statuetteMy brother had just broken a statuette at my desk. It’s made from counterfeit crystal, but it is a birthday present from “Me Amigos” at the college. I felt upset for a moment. It took several hours to realize how stupid I am. I made a mountain of molehill. You know, I should learn to develop the “Zero” characteristic. When something happen improperly or going out from your expectations, we have to learn to feel “Zero”. Feel sorry too much will create negative impacts to our self and other. Feel upset too much will create negative circumstances. Blaming others and our self too much will defeat your relationship and your self. It is also important to evaluate our mistake or improper situation, but please don’t waste your time too much by feel sorry or disappoint. You know, “The teacher is gone, when the lesson is done.” The problems are our teacher. So, learn something from your problem and let your teacher away. Learn to feel “Zero”.

Keep up the spirit, Amigos!


One thought on “Zero

  1. what a nice statue, i like it.
    but it’s broken…. i feel sorry bout that…

    i agree with u to not blame your bro, not feel sorry/upset too much. get move on. God will replace that statue with a better one.

    “There are always two forces warring against each other within us.”
    by Paramhansa Yoganda


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