Tragic Murder

Victim’s point of view,

He died tragically. He was slapped with “something” and was thrown from an extra-high equipment. He didn’t even know exactly what that equipment use for. He guess, it’s a gigantic white bed, anyway, that just a guess. His suffering didn’t end there, a few second later, a very big and heavy object was fallen, smashed his body, and ended his life immediately. “Is this how my life end? I’m just trying to find some dinner, to continue my life, I didn’t even know how I died exactly,” I guess that’s what he thought at that time.

Murderer’s point of view,

I was trying to enjoy my deep sleep at my lovely white bedsheet spring bed, when that small vampire disturbed me. Ngggggg…. he flew near from my ear and really annoying. I swung my hand, try to chase him away. Nggggg….. he came back! I pulled my blanket, close my body overall. Nggggg…….. (I still hear him. Is he inside the blanket toooo???) That’s it. Enough. I stood up and turned on the lamp. I looked for him, and when I found him, I slapped him with full power, threw him from my lovely white bedsheet spring bed, and Ooops…, I threw my “400 pages hardcover handbook” to end his life. I continued my sleep without feeling guilty at all. Hahahaha!!

Tragic Murder

Life Journey (Part II)

Me at Kindergarten

tk1School : TK YPS Singkole

Attended : 1989-1991

Teachers : TK A was Ms. Lika and TK B was Ms. Yayuk (if I’m not mistaken)

Unforgettable Memories : I got C for drawings often. (How come!)

Me at Elementary School

Elementary School

School : SD YPS Singkole

Attended : 1991-1997

Teachers : 1st Grade was Ms. Hartini, 2nd Grade was Ms. Maritje, 3rd Grade was Mr. Sardjono, 4th Grade was Ms. Rufina, 5th Grade was Mr. Ruslan, 6th Grade was Mr. Chris.

Unforgettable Memories :

  • At 1st grade, my teacher wrote : drink milk and brush your teeth at my agenda every day,
  • At 2nd grade, I got task to memorize multiplication. I could memorize 9 multiplication well, but I couldn’t memorize 0 and 1 multiplication well (embarrassed!). But you know, I’ve got 1st rank at this grade (I never get that position back until I graduate my High School! Poor me. It was the first and the last, so keep believing, it is coincidence.). I was waiting for a present as a reward of my achievement. But it didn’t come. So, I take the initiative and asked the present to my mom. Hehe… But, my mother answered me, ”There are no present. I don’t want you learn because of the present. I want you learn, because you understand that it is important.” You know, I just understand my mom’s word now.
  • At 3rd grade, I involved a fight with a friend because he bothered me and my friend when we played Lompat Karet. You know, I was the chairman (or should I say chairwoman?) of class and I really enjoyed nail inspection. It was my responsibility. I enjoyed hit the long nail finger with pen (Hehe…)
  • At 4th grade, I forgot to bring atlas. That the ticket to enter Social Lesson. So, I ran back to my house and took it. I follow the class with full sweat (Can’t imagine the smell!).
  • At 5th grade, I couldn’t memorize name of bones from head to toe and my teacher asked me to go outside the class and stood up at the table. Many other students saw me! Hiks…
  • At 6th grade, my teacher was angry to me because I made a kind of tapping sound, a combination sound from my ruler and pianika during her lesson. Actually, I felt proud for inventing that sound. Hehehe…
  • I remember a case, but I forgot the grade. It was at Indonesian Language Lesson. All of us submitted our books. Suddenly my teacher called me. I went in front of Him/Her. She/He found a word at my book cover. It was the word “TELE”. It’s a common use in English but not in our traditional language, it is a bad meaning word. So, She/He asked me, “Did you write this?”. I said, “Of course not. That’s the motif of the book.” “Are you sure?” she asked me again. “Of course” (He/She didn’t believe me. Am I looked like a bad girl?). He/She put his/her glasses and asked me to go back to my chair. I believe he/she still think I did that. Don’t he/she know that it is a common use word? Telecommunication, telegraph, telemarketing, telepathy, and other words. Gosh!

To be continue>>

Life Journey (Part II)

Learn from Heterogeneous

My team work is a heterogeneous team. We have Buddhist, Moslem, and Catholicism. Often, we discuss about our religion and believe. We discuss a lot of think, from many different points of view. Started from the way we pray, do and don’t, regulation, until a serious topic such us : heaven and hell. When they ask me a question, sometimes I answer them, “In my opinion, bla…bla…” They replied, “We’re not asking your opinion. We would like to know the rules in your religion.”


Then I realized, I don’t know too much. Up till now, I just doing, believing, and receiving, without asking and understanding. For an example : Your mother ask you to clean up your room. You clean up your room without asking, why I should clean my room, what will happen if you don’t do it or what it purpose. The same thing happens to me. Prays every day and goes to church every week (show off… Hehe) as an obligation or duty. I thought, this is what we called faith. Believe and trust without any doubt, that’s it. No more questioning, just believe it. Now I understand that it is not that simple. We have to believe and understand. That’s why questioning is also important. Understand will make us stick rigidly to our faith and keep us from negative influences.

I just read a book, and the book said : A full knowledge about God is a knowledge based on facts and personally. Know the facts about Him without know him personally is limited and on the other side know God without know the facts is superficial. God has brought out many facts about Him, and all of it are important to make our relation to Him close and personally, intelligent and useful.

Gracias Amigos, for open my eyes and realize those all.

Keep challenging me………

Learn from Heterogeneous