Cyberlogic Robotic’s Education

PT. Mitra Sarana Distribusi. activities1That’s the name of a small company where I belong know. A company with strong brotherhood and teamwork values. It is located at Pengayoman Makassar, near from Panakukang Mall. We are a branch from a company named PT. Mega Mitra Sarana located in Jakarta. There are four divisions in our company. First, Esia Division. PT. MSD is Esia’s official distributor for South Sulawesi. For 2008 Period, PT. MSD placed at the top position for sales figure at PAMASUKA (Papua, Maluku, Sulawesi dan Kalimantan). Not bad, hehe… Second Division is Samsung. Our company is the official Samsung distributor for East Indonesian. Third Division is Cyberlogic Robotic’s Education Division (we’ll discuss further about this later). And here we come, the last and the most important division, Administration. Accounting, Warehousing, IT System are also belong to this division.

Cyberlogic Robotic’s Education is a training institute. Different with other division, we are the youngest division. Our first class will be launched at February 02, 2009. At the moment, we are in socializing phase. We perform an event called Robotic’s Roadshow in many school in Makassar to introduce the future technology, robotics. We’d like to grow up the student interest in robotics from 7 years old. We also want to change the paradigm : Robotics is difficult and complex, to paradigm : Robotics is easy and useful.

roadshowWe do roadshow from one school to another. The students are look exited. And I feel really happy by looking their face. They show their interest in robotics much. And that really motivate us to socialize our institute further. Please find more about our activities and training institute at and don’t forget to leave your comment there. So, please pray for us, for better robotics education at East Indonesia.


Cyberlogic Robotic’s Education

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