Butek (Buta Teknologi), 5 levels below GapTek

ps3_front_main1I’ve just had a chat with an IT friend, let call him “Amigos”. We talked about his goal to buy Play Station 3 at March 2009.


Yuri : How’s your new year ?

Me Amigos : I spent my new year at home. Browsed LCD price at Kaskus. I confuse. Between Samsung and LG. Samsung is more expensive. Samsung series 5 : 7.4 million. Series 6 : 9 million. 32LG53 is about 6 million.

Yuri : Hehe. Wow. (Actually, I don’t really understand that type. Series 5? 32LG53? Gee…)

Me Amigos : Samsung series 5 is touchscreen.

Yuri : Expensive.. (But, I really understand that it is expensive. Hehe)

Yuri : Btw. That LCD, what it is for?

Me Amigos : To play PS 3, of course!

Yuri : Gee… Why don’t u use, the ordinary screen?

Me Amigos : You know, PS 3 use HDMI output. It will not compatible with ordinary TV.

Yuri : Hooo.. I see, I see…. (Well, I don’t really “see” it. I don’t understand HDMI. What kind of Era I’m living in? Gosh…)

Yuri : How ‘bout the second-hand? How much it takes? I thought it would be cheaper.

Me Amigos : Yes it is cheaper, but no guarantee. I prefer the new one.

Yuri : Oooo…. I prefer not to buy it. Hehe.

Me Amigos : Wah…. I should buy it. =) The price of PS3 80g is 4.6 million. I could buy it know, but I can’t buy it’s bluray.

Yuri : ………….. (Blank… Don’t understand at all)

Yuri : What “bluray” is? (At last, I asked him)

Me Amigos : It’s a saving media, just like DVD. But with greater capacity, it can save 25g for each.

Yuri : Should u have the bluray? I thought, the PS3 capacity is already big, 80g. (Start to look stupid. Hehe)

Me Amigos : The 80G is the hardisk. To save film 1080p. Wah, you don’t update with the technology, don’t you?

Yuri : Hehe… (1080p? #$@*!<!!! Absolutely blank right now. What are we talking about actually? Hihi)

Me Amigos : What kind of console game u ever play?

Yuri : ……….. (Try to find the meaning of “console” at the dictionary…console/kan’seul/v give sb comfort or sympathy. I don’t think this “console” that we’re talking about. @#$*!!!. At last, again…. I asked him…) Actually, what “console game” is?

Me Amigos : For example : ps1, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360, nitendo wii

Yuri : ……………..(How BUTEK I am)


Don’t you feel the conversation looks like between the person from 80’s era and the person from 2008’s era. You know, I felt like communicate with a man who came from the future. Hehe.

Do you think, I’m the one who too much not up to date with the technology? Or Me Amigos is the one who too much up date with the technology?

Help! I’m lost!


Butek (Buta Teknologi), 5 levels below GapTek

2 thoughts on “Butek (Buta Teknologi), 5 levels below GapTek

  1. Go !! Go !! GO !! ..

    Don’t be late..Go catch the train up or you will be left behind. 😀

    Technology moves faster n faster. It requires us to move faster too. If we can’t we r going to lost..

    Keep on running n catching Yur… 😀


  2. yhan says:

    Wekekekek.. I just looking for another ‘terminology’ below BUTEK. I think i’m 6 or maybe 10 levels below GAPTEK…hohohoho.. I even don’t understand what are you talking about, hehe.. Poor me.. ~.~’


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