worryReaders…… I’m worry now. I began to pesimis with all my life plan and targets. No progress for this last two months and it makes me worry. Should I change my target or should I adjust it? Are my targets too high and that hard to be reached? I started to loose and think to leave this path…

I don’t like this situation at all. I feel defeated and unsafe. Just pray for me, to be a consistent person. To keep riding this path…spaceball


4 thoughts on “Consistent

  1. 80y says:

    everybody have dream to be a real succes. Need more act to reach it.
    i think :
    1. there are a lot ways.
    2. This is like ladder, we should go on step by step, start with the reach ones, and the next…and next…

    So keep on fight, that chance will come to you.


  2. yhan says:

    Perhaps u missed 1 thing and that makes u feel unsafe…GET MARRIED.. wakakak…

    U’ll feel safe if u have someone to share your life, your problem and your happiness…hehe.. And if you think u’re not consistent, there’s someone remind u..hehe..

    I think 2 months is a ‘very short’ period to reach your plan n target (even if it’s too high to be reached, u have to be sure that’s reachable)..

    So, just keep tryin’….
    (owh, how poor my english, isn’t it?)


  3. Ummm…..
    have you ever think about Paln B, Plan C, so on……. beside your main plan?
    I always have, so I think that I may not stuck thinking about Plan A progress :p

    Miss u, Sister


  4. Have you done your best to reach your target yet?

    If so and u still haven’t got what are you looking for, maybe you have to have another plan. And you know when you have to change your plan.

    Haven’t got the wanted result dosen’t mean your dream is too high, but it’s about you have to put more effort to it. 😀

    So, just do your best and let GOD do the rest. Wish all the best n be consistent as you want. 😀

    FIGHTTO !!!


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