Learn from Heterogeneous

My team work is a heterogeneous team. We have Buddhist, Moslem, and Catholicism. Often, we discuss about our religion and believe. We discuss a lot of think, from many different points of view. Started from the way we pray, do and don’t, regulation, until a serious topic such us : heaven and hell. When they ask me a question, sometimes I answer them, “In my opinion, bla…bla…” They replied, “We’re not asking your opinion. We would like to know the rules in your religion.”


Then I realized, I don’t know too much. Up till now, I just doing, believing, and receiving, without asking and understanding. For an example : Your mother ask you to clean up your room. You clean up your room without asking, why I should clean my room, what will happen if you don’t do it or what it purpose. The same thing happens to me. Prays every day and goes to church every week (show off… Hehe) as an obligation or duty. I thought, this is what we called faith. Believe and trust without any doubt, that’s it. No more questioning, just believe it. Now I understand that it is not that simple. We have to believe and understand. That’s why questioning is also important. Understand will make us stick rigidly to our faith and keep us from negative influences.

I just read a book, and the book said : A full knowledge about God is a knowledge based on facts and personally. Know the facts about Him without know him personally is limited and on the other side know God without know the facts is superficial. God has brought out many facts about Him, and all of it are important to make our relation to Him close and personally, intelligent and useful.

Gracias Amigos, for open my eyes and realize those all.

Keep challenging me………

Learn from Heterogeneous

2 thoughts on “Learn from Heterogeneous

  1. “Doing, believing, and receiving, without asking and understanding” is the most qualities applied in believing God, because our knowledge as a very poor, weak and simple human being can’t cover all Allah’s knowledge. How wise you are with that simple but deep words.
    I totally 100% agree with those sentence.


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