Life Journey (Part I)

My mom and I had just found my pictures from kindergarten until now. You know it is cute (kind of self praise. Overconfidence mode ON) and make me want to flash back my life journey from the kindergarten…


So, here you are

A written about a girl named Yuriko Sonambela.

To be continue>>

Life Journey (Part I)

4 thoughts on “Life Journey (Part I)

  1. kikie! says:

    Ow my god.. That’s what i wanna do since few month ago.. But i don’t know where should i put it.. I even have the negative, and i’ve printed it out.. I think its not a cute face.. A ‘sinless’ face until ‘sinful’ face.. Hwekekek..


  2. yhan says:

    Hiks..hiks..that’s comment is mine.. My sista didn’t logged out her wordpress account.. And i didn’t realized it.. @%*§ how stupid i am.. >.<"


  3. ivanbatara says:

    cayyoo Yuri…. hmm, ur 2ndly putu from da last. looking like’s TKW with da long haired. lol

    @ yhan : hahahaha.


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