Life Journey (Part II)

Me at Kindergarten

tk1School : TK YPS Singkole

Attended : 1989-1991

Teachers : TK A was Ms. Lika and TK B was Ms. Yayuk (if I’m not mistaken)

Unforgettable Memories : I got C for drawings often. (How come!)

Me at Elementary School

Elementary School

School : SD YPS Singkole

Attended : 1991-1997

Teachers : 1st Grade was Ms. Hartini, 2nd Grade was Ms. Maritje, 3rd Grade was Mr. Sardjono, 4th Grade was Ms. Rufina, 5th Grade was Mr. Ruslan, 6th Grade was Mr. Chris.

Unforgettable Memories :

  • At 1st grade, my teacher wrote : drink milk and brush your teeth at my agenda every day,
  • At 2nd grade, I got task to memorize multiplication. I could memorize 9 multiplication well, but I couldn’t memorize 0 and 1 multiplication well (embarrassed!). But you know, I’ve got 1st rank at this grade (I never get that position back until I graduate my High School! Poor me. It was the first and the last, so keep believing, it is coincidence.). I was waiting for a present as a reward of my achievement. But it didn’t come. So, I take the initiative and asked the present to my mom. Hehe… But, my mother answered me, ”There are no present. I don’t want you learn because of the present. I want you learn, because you understand that it is important.” You know, I just understand my mom’s word now.
  • At 3rd grade, I involved a fight with a friend because he bothered me and my friend when we played Lompat Karet. You know, I was the chairman (or should I say chairwoman?) of class and I really enjoyed nail inspection. It was my responsibility. I enjoyed hit the long nail finger with pen (Hehe…)
  • At 4th grade, I forgot to bring atlas. That the ticket to enter Social Lesson. So, I ran back to my house and took it. I follow the class with full sweat (Can’t imagine the smell!).
  • At 5th grade, I couldn’t memorize name of bones from head to toe and my teacher asked me to go outside the class and stood up at the table. Many other students saw me! Hiks…
  • At 6th grade, my teacher was angry to me because I made a kind of tapping sound, a combination sound from my ruler and pianika during her lesson. Actually, I felt proud for inventing that sound. Hehehe…
  • I remember a case, but I forgot the grade. It was at Indonesian Language Lesson. All of us submitted our books. Suddenly my teacher called me. I went in front of Him/Her. She/He found a word at my book cover. It was the word “TELE”. It’s a common use in English but not in our traditional language, it is a bad meaning word. So, She/He asked me, “Did you write this?”. I said, “Of course not. That’s the motif of the book.” “Are you sure?” she asked me again. “Of course” (He/She didn’t believe me. Am I looked like a bad girl?). He/She put his/her glasses and asked me to go back to my chair. I believe he/she still think I did that. Don’t he/she know that it is a common use word? Telecommunication, telegraph, telemarketing, telepathy, and other words. Gosh!

To be continue>>

Life Journey (Part II)

12 thoughts on “Life Journey (Part II)

  1. yhan says: you remember when we were 5th grade, mrs.caecilia was angry to you, me and (i think) elin, just because we passed another side of the class’ door.. All of us were cry in front of the class, watched by all of our classmate.. How pity we are.. I’m so shy if i remember that moment.. That’s not important being angry bcoz a little thing like that, isn’t it?


  2. yhan says:

    Another funny thing is when we were play ‘luncuran’ until our underwear got dirty bcause of the ‘red soil’, haha…


  3. How yuckie and ashamed you are yuri, didn’t brush your teeth before going to school..
    I can imagine how you give bad “influence” and pollution in the class..
    Praise to the Lord, now on, I didn’t have a student like you!!hehehehe


  4. Meta Bitticaca says:

    Yuri???ga nyangka bisa nemu blog mu nih..masih ingat ga ma aku??? meta ^_^ temen smasa kecil.hehehehhe.msh inget ga dulu kita sering berenang bareng di yacht club,bareng adikku (mela & melo) n adikmu sander…oiya sama doggymu jg….aku lupaa….namany sapaa dulu…..milo???trusss pernah hiking bareng2 jg,ditemanin ma Om…sapa gitu namany tetanggamu…^^,dia jg dulu yg ngajarin berenang di yacht club.hehehee sweet memories…..
    skrg kmu dmn??masih sering kontak ma temen2 soroako?btw,aku lost contact jg ma Yola n Kiki (Nungki)……..dmn mrk skrg yah?????klo temen2 sepermainan kita yg aku msh tau keberadaanny tuh yani,nanda,altan,yeyen,henny…………..
    if u still remember me….please reply me by email yah,thx ^.^


  5. yhan says:

    Dian punya nmr HPnya kiki, tp klo yola, g bisa ditemukan, padahal kakak n adiknya ada di FB *nimbrung meta, hehe..masiy inget dian g y?


  6. lin says:

    sama dunk,… aq juga punya no hape kiki,….
    kalo g salah dy di jakarta yagh?
    soale no hape di aq kalo g salah flexy jakarta d.

    btw, meta masi ingat ma elin gak????
    ngarep yagh????


  7. Haaaiiiii semua. Thanks yah udh mampir di blog ku. N Yuri seneng, kita bisa ketemu2 lagie. tmen2 seperjuangan SD. hahaha…
    Kalian punya foto jadul gak? Biar Yuri posting. hehe….


  8. I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read….


  9. Hai Rony, thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting. It’ll be great to found your next fingerprints on my blog. I have visited you web. And it is a great web *altough i don’t really understand the content* Hehe… Keep visiting. =)


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