Tragic Murder

Victim’s point of view,

He died tragically. He was slapped with “something” and was thrown from an extra-high equipment. He didn’t even know exactly what that equipment use for. He guess, it’s a gigantic white bed, anyway, that just a guess. His suffering didn’t end there, a few second later, a very big and heavy object was fallen, smashed his body, and ended his life immediately. “Is this how my life end? I’m just trying to find some dinner, to continue my life, I didn’t even know how I died exactly,” I guess that’s what he thought at that time.

Murderer’s point of view,

I was trying to enjoy my deep sleep at my lovely white bedsheet spring bed, when that small vampire disturbed me. Ngggggg…. he flew near from my ear and really annoying. I swung my hand, try to chase him away. Nggggg….. he came back! I pulled my blanket, close my body overall. Nggggg…….. (I still hear him. Is he inside the blanket toooo???) That’s it. Enough. I stood up and turned on the lamp. I looked for him, and when I found him, I slapped him with full power, threw him from my lovely white bedsheet spring bed, and Ooops…, I threw my “400 pages hardcover handbook” to end his life. I continued my sleep without feeling guilty at all. Hahahaha!!

Tragic Murder

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