Life Journey (Part III) Me at Junior High School

smpAttended : 1997-2000

Teachers : 1st Grade is Ms. Sri Andayani. Ms. Vinka 3rd grade is Mr. Yulius Tangkeallo.

1st Grade. I remember it happen in Sport lesson. At that time my teacher called the roll. He called the name of all students in my class, alphabetically. And at last, he called me, “Yuriko.” I raised my hand, but he didn’t see me! He looked at the boy’s line. “Yuriko,” he repeated. And again I raised my hand, waved it. He still didn’t see me (he was starring at boy’s line now), and said, “Where is he? Is he sick?” “No, Pak! I’m here!” at last I yelled at him. He surprised when he saw me at girl’s line. He said with a plain face, “Ow, you are a girl. Sorry, I thougt Yuriko is a name for a boy.” “It’s OK Pak.” I tried to smile. But, the same thing happen at the next week! Grrrrrrrrr! Pak Basri, Oh Pak Basri….

2nd Grade. Once a year, there is a caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly season. When that season come, our school full with caterpillars. Trees and colonnades full with them. We have lots of trees in our school. Soon they change in to chrysalises and then turn in to butterflies. It is beautiful when your school full with butterflies but full with caterpillar? Come’ on… That’s a nightmare. It was a caterpillar season. Most of students brought lunch from their houses, and had their lunch under the trees. So do I and my friends. We had our lunch under the tree, shared our side dish each other, chatted and laughed together. Suddenly… pluk! A fat, green, blind, stupid caterpillar fallen right on my friends lunch. The caterpillar wriggled slowly and created a small path in my friend cooked rice. Aaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!! All of us ran from that “bad luck tree”. We never have our lunch under the tree again until we graduate.

3rd Grade. Too much to tell, too much to share… Friendship, fracas, first date, first study tour and more… All of that combine in this unforgettable grade. We designed a blue-gray sweater for all 3C members. I still have it. When I see that sweater, I remembered all those moments. Wish I could meet all of my Junior High School mate.

Life Journey (Part III) Me at Junior High School