My Parents

resources_parents_helpThey pray thousands time than me, for my success, my future, and my happines.

They worry thousands time than me, for all unhappines or life obstacles.

They’re happy thousands time than me, for all my lucks and all best friend I have.

They’re sad thousands time than me, when I fail.

They excited & thanked God thousands time than me, for all my achievement.

They’re get in the bedroom and pretending sleep well at night, but I know, they can’t sleep well as long as me & my brother haven’t enter the house. When, I’m home, they walk out from their bedroom, just to make their self sure, that I’m OK today.

They’re the best problem solver ever, they can help me solve all of my problem, and they always have time to listen my problem. Actually, they always have time listen all about me, all idiocy, jokes, experience, fun things, best friends, work mate, and more, and more.

They’re the best motivator ever.

They excellent in everything. They also an engineer, a nurse, a doctor, a psychologist, a pharmacist, a chef, a motivator, a guardian, a cheerleader, a comedian, and a best friend.

I guess, all achievements I had gained, isn’t because of my pray, but because of them.

Yup, you’re right, they’re my parents. They’re my multitalented parents.

Love them so much.

My Parents

6 thoughts on “My Parents

  1. Hihi… yoai say. kmu gmn kabar? iya, salam balik kata mereka. Keep visiting yah. =)

    Best Regards, Yuriko Sonambela

    “What have you done today, to make you feel proud?”


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