Just Another Gaining Weight Day

Something that I’ll miss for sure from Makassar is “Aidil Fitri” day. Visiting all my best friends houses for “silaturahmi” reason, but actually, the main motivation is to eat their special home made menu. Hehehe…

Today is Aidil Fitri 1430 H. I visited 4 houses.

House #1 : Pak Udin’s house. My friend from last office, PT. Mega Mitra Sarana. There were burasa, lappa’2 (I don’t know how to explain lappa’2 in English, it’s a kind of Buras, but in different shape, wrapped in banana’s leaf), chicken curry, and milkfish. Ah ya, there were also cumin cookies and fried peanut. Hmmm… Slurp! *I ate in full power*

House #2 : Kak Ros’s house. Just like Pak Udin, she’s my office mate in PT. MMS. Appetizer : chocolate cake, and cookies. The main menu were home made meatballs, chicken fried ketchup, chicken cooked with ginger plant. Burasa and lappa’2 is a must of course. And pudding for the dessert. Mmmm… Yummi! *I started to feel full, but still challenged by the next house menu. Hahaha!*

House #3 : Uyach’s house, office mate in PT. MMS and my office mate as a COOPS in PT. INCO and also my best friend. The appetizer were cookies, I love the cashew nuts cookies! The main menu were : chicken cooked with ginger plant, chicken curry, burasa n lappa’2. Ah ya, there are also ketupat. and the dessert were lokam orange and chocolate pudding. Delicioso!! *I am very -berry full now!*

House #4 (the last house) : Fifi’s house, my mate as a COOPS in PT. INCO and also my best friend. Cookies & syrup for appetizer. Coto n curry for main menu!!! I couldn’t control my self! I ate 2 slices ketupat and 2 times Coto! Help me! n*Heiii! Who just said that she was very-berry full?* Blackforest and coke for dessert *I can’t ate my blackforest anymore. I were too full!* Hahahahaha… For closing I weighed-in at scales in fifi’s house and OMG!!!!! I just gained my weight 2 kg today.

Conclusion #1, since my first day in Kopassus until now, I gained 6 kg. I was 47 kg, and 53 for now. OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

Conclusion #2, not much different with Christmas, New Year, and Imlek, Aidil Fitri day is just another day for gaining your weight, beside silaturahmi of course.

Conclusion #3, will miss this day for sure!!! *sound of an ANAK KOS*

Just Another Gaining Weight Day

2 thoughts on “Just Another Gaining Weight Day

  1. yhan says:

    Ckckck…haruskah sy mempraktekkan caramu menambah berat badan spy bs k’ gemuk2 sedikit? Ada berapa kah lambungmu sebenarnya? Xixixi..


  2. Wahahaha… perlu kayaknya ko prakteknya yhan, secara kan kurus ko bos. Lambungku satu ji. tapi ususku sampai ke tangan n kaki. Hahahaha…

    Best Regards, Yuriko Sonambela

    “What have you done today, to make you feel proud?”


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