My Favorite Place and My Best Friends at Manado

After 3 weeks at Manado, finally i recognize 12 places : 1. Office, 2. Home, 3. Church, 4. Mall, 5. Office, 6. Home, 7. Church, 8. Mall, 9. Office, 10. Home, 11. Church, and the last, Yeah, thats right! The last is Mall. Hahahaha!
I’ve already find many best friends and favorite place in here, and I’d like you to know my favorite place. My favorite place is my room. I pay Rp. 625,000/month. My room painted with light yellow color. It’s completed with wooden bed, desk, mirror, and wardrobe. I like these simple stuff, i like it’s color, and i love this natural theme. There’s also bathroom inside my room. Small but clean bath room. It decorated with light brown ceramics.

Because the temperature is quite hot in here, I brought fan myself from Makassar. I don’t really like the color actually. It doesn’t suitable with my room. But, no other choice, because it’s free from my parents. Hehe. But I really selective for choosing other stuff, especially the color. Because I don’t want the color destruct the “Natural Theme” of my room.

I Also bought a shelf. The color is Dark Blue. I hate that color. It’s just dont suitable with my room. But, pssst! It’s a secret! That’s the cheapest one at the department store -NO OTHER COLOR-. I pay only Rp. 89,000 for that one. I fill it that with tableware and books. And I bought a transparant container for snack and instant food. I always keep my container full with food. Because, I often get lazy to find dinner. Especially at week end time. I like spend my time in this beloved room. I’ve got everything I like in here.

Next, I’d like to introduce you my best friends at Manado.

First, My bed, named Greenos. Sleeping is my hobby other than reading. I always leave Greenos clean and tidily.
Second is my books. I love reading. I like to read any kind of book.

And third is my food container.Indomie, Ultra Milk -plain taste- and malkist roma are basic content. I always have it. And also nescafe 3 in 1 original. Can’t imagine my life without coffee.

Fourth, my desk. I always spend my time in here at least 3 hours for each days. Reading, listening music, home working, and others. Ah ya, do you see that “Green Stupid Bunny” Clock? I bought it for only Rp. 15,000. And i just know why it only takes Rp. 15,000. Come and see it closer. Look at the minutes and hours hand. Can you find the oddity? The clock shows us 8.44, but the hours hand point toward to less than 8.30. That’s why I call it Stupid Bunny. I also put the pictures of my goddaughter. I miss her so. And also that china ceramics. It’s a present from my aunty. It decorated with Ox, based on my Shio. She bought it at the Imported China Ceramic Exhibition.
Fifth, my watches. The black one is from my best friends and the other one is from my mother. I use it everyday. It’s a must for me.
Sixth are all my electronic stuff.
And the last are my glasses. Those are my favorite glasses. Both of them are from my best friends. Since, drinking coffee and tea is my routine activities for each day, I can’t imagine my life without my those fave glasses.

See… I’ve got lot of friends here. =)

Life isn’t that suck, it’s just depend on your point of view.

Manado, 12 Oct 2009

My Favorite Place and My Best Friends at Manado

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Place and My Best Friends at Manado

  1. Iye kak. Kita’ iya kpn q ke manado? hehehe…. deh bnyk mknan enak di sini kak. Bnyk jg makanan yg sm makanan sul sel tp lain namanya. ps : lebih enak gogoso na makassar d/p gogoso di sini.


  2. 625,000/month?!? cukup mahal untuk kos2an anak kuliahan di semarang kak… tapi lumayan ya, kosnya tersedia makanan yang banyak (di foto kelima)…hehehehe


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