Sobat, I just made something stupid today. I woke up late today!!!!!! My work time start at 08.00. I usually wake up at 06.00, sometimes at 05.30 and sometimes at 06.15. It’s because I like to enjoy my breakfast time. I like to enjoy every swallow of my hot coffee/tea while reading something. Too bad, I can’t do that to day, because I WOKE UP AT 07.30! OMG!

And I just found today that I had talent in acrobatic. You just couldn’t imagine how I jump from my bed and fly into the bathroom. Took a bath less than 5 minutes, prepare my self and my stuff less than 5 minutes, and ran to the office. I put my finger into the finger print absence machine at 07.57. It deserve to be celebrated. Hahahaha….

Something I didn’t do today because of my lateness :
1. Ironing my clothes. Could you imagine, I go to office with a rumpled clothes. Gee! No one will be attracted by a lady in rumpled shirt. Huaaaa!
2. I didn’t use my favorite parfume. I have several parfumes. And it’s a must before leaving my room. I feel not confidence when I don’t use it. Actually that’s only because of my own mindset.
3. I didn’t take lovely time at breakfast. No big deal, I already took my revenge at the seminar snack and lunch. Hahahaha…. (Lucky I am, because today there’s a software training at the office and training means free consumption. Hehe…)
4. Leave my bed in a mess.
5. Leave my room without sweeping it.

I think I have to learn not to press the postpone button when my alarm ringing. That’s all above the consequences. Hahahaha….

Or, perhaps, I should have an alarm clock like this. Do you know where I could buy this? =) :

Manado, 14 Oct 2009.


3 thoughts on “Lateness

  1. Hai flekwewly, i’ve tried to reply your comment to your hotmail directly but it’s failure.
    Doesn’t matter for being out of topic. Thanks for visiting my blog. I use this template :
    Tarski by Benedict Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson
    You can try to use that template for your own blog. =)
    Keep visiting. It would be great to have your another fingerprints on my blog.
    I visited your blog but I can’t leave my comment there, could be because you keep your blog in personal setting. Why don’t you write your blog in English? I found great picture there. Are you a photographer? Nice to know you. =)


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