14 Hours at Tahuna City – Sangihe Island

Friday, 23 Oct 2009, suddenly my supervisor told me that I need to go to Tahuna for business trip. Actually yesterday she already told me. But she talked un-seriously and put the conversation while joking. I felt happy, really happy. Because, that’s mean i can take free adventure there. Hehe… But, since I haven’t wash my clothes for about 1-1/2 week and all of my shirt is dirty, I started feel confuse for having no clothes to be brought. Silly and lazy Yuriko. Hahahaha… But, the show must go on, no matter what. At last I brought the only shirt left on my shelf. Poor me.


At 18.30 I was in the boat. We can only arrive to Tahuna by boat. There’s no airplane. It’ll take 12 hours on the boat. At 24.00 the billows shaked our boad. Lucky I’vd drinked antimo before leaving Manado. I’m a seasick person. We arrived at Tahuna Port at 05.00 and picked up by PLN Tahuna employees. They brought us to took the bath and had breakfast in a small inn called “Sederhana”. It’s a true “simple” inn. After had a short break we finished our responsibility. It only took about half hour. The responsibility had done, Yeah! Let’s rock up Tahuna. Hahaha…. It’s the traveling time!

The first destination is my friend’s Uncle. We served with so much durian and rambutan. Yeah!!! Next is “Mi Che”, it’s a really famous noodle in Tahuna. Some people said, you haven’t visit Tahuna yet when you hadn’t try Che Noodle. It’s a quite delicios cheap Noodles. Just like usually Bakmi, but with a fried egg. Yummy. What surprise me about Mi Che is the place. It located in a small passage away. That’s what we called “HOKKY”, wherever it located, it is still full with “Mi Che-ers”.

After that we go around Tahuna by car. It’s a crowded small and hot city and because Sangihe Island located near from Philippines, there are lot’s of Philipines foods, beverages, and stuff. It sold in shops called “Philippines Shop” by citizens. We also visited beach at there. Nothing special at the beach and we should pay Rp. 2,000. I want my money back!
Next we visited the highest bridge in Tahuna. They said that there was a kingdom there. The kingdom then smashed with a very big comet and burried. People believe the bridge brings negative aura. Lot’s of people missing there. Is it just a myth? I don’t know.


Last place we visited was the highest level of Tahuna. We can see whole Tahuna from this point. Tahuna is a beautiful city. Would like to visit this town again I guess. There are still many interesting places I haven’t visit.


ps : do you see my weird style? Because all of my jersey was dirty, so I brought the only clean clothe in my wardrobe. Too bad, it was a shirt. Can you imagine I went around Tahuna with shirt and sandals with a thong. Gee! Hahaha….

14 Hours at Tahuna City – Sangihe Island