Dedicated to all my bestfriends. Love you all…

Long time ago there were three best friends lived together. They were Pingberry-The Penguin, Pigberry-The Pig, and Pitberry-The Pitbull Dog. They shared everything, care each other, love each other. They likes to spend their time together. Tea time, short or long conversation, important or unimportant activities. They also likes to have something similar each other, started from clothes, glasses, shoes, etc.

Do you think their friendship starts from the similarity? No, it was starts from difference. Pingberry likes fish and ice very much. She is a sentimental & emotional person. Sometimes, she cry for a simple happines. She likes to keep her room very -berry cold. I guess that’s because of her pingu habits. How about Pigberry? She likes to eat everything of course. Sometimes she’s wondering : I wish I could eat the tables and the chairs. It looks delicious in her eyes. Just like another pig, she likes to take a long nap. And here we come the Pitberry. She likes to play all the time and she don’t likes to take a bath. She likes run in the sand and let the sand get in her fur. She completely enjoy chasing after the dragon flies and butterflies in the meadow.

How come three different animals become best friends??? They said, there is a secret inside their friendship. The secret is : faithfulness, forgiveness, understand, and refrain.

When Pingberry had a problem and need someone to talk to, Pitberry and Pigberry will come to her frozen room *of course they used sweater, jacket, syall, etc*. Pingberry trust in them, that’s why she want to share her problems, even though Pigberry always finish her cookies and chewing while Pingberry talk about her problem. Pitbull will refrain from her will to jump and run all the time, even though her tail swing all the time and her eyes always looking for something to chase for.
Pitberry will forgive Pigberry who always finish Pitberry’s food before it arrived at home, from the market. She understand that’s Pigberry the way it is.

One day, Pingberry got a call from her family at North Pole. She need to go back to The North Pole. Pigberry and Pitberry was really sad, but they understand, that’s the best way for Pingberry. And, since Pitberry got a news that there were a meadow far from there that filled with butterfly and dragonfly, she also moved to there. Pingberry and Pigberry understand, that was Pitberry life goal, and they wouldn’t upset because of it. They will be happy for their friend’s success.

They still can communicate each other by phone or conference call. They will miss each other, but they know that it wasn’t the end of their friendship. It was a new chapter on their friendship.

I guess that’s what true friends are. You know, friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s millions little things. Thanks for being my best friends


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