Having So Much Fun Through Listening Instrument

One of my hobbies is listening instruments. Any kind of instruments, classic or modern, solo, band, or orchestra. Why? It’s because I could imagine anything with the music. It’s totally different when you listen a song that contain lyrics. The singer already told us theme and story of the song through the lyric. With the instruments, you can build your own lyric, your own story, you can create your own song, as far as your imagination.

I do like creating my own song. I’ll imagine a village or town, on the train or in the giant hall, under water or above the sky. I’ll create the character, sometimes an old lady, sometimes a charm man, sometimes a tough king, sometimes a stupid & ugly monster, and sometimes no character at all. Deeply enjoy my own world.

Want to try? You can use Retro-Vanessa Mae. When hear this song, I imagine a confident man, in simple white shirt and jeans, with a blondy hair. He use sport shoes. He is listening r&b using his mp4. He stop a bus. He get in the bus and all girls in the bus attracted. He do enjoy for being so attractive and center of the people. When the melody of the music change, I started to imagine that actually he is a detective. When a case arrive at his desk, he will take his detective’s costume : brown coat and hat and looking for evidences and clues. He will work seriously from the beginning of the day until the case solved. Interesting isn’t?

Want to try another song? Let’s use Piano Sonata in C Major composed by Mozart. It’s a fun song with all cheerful melodies. I will imagine a village of cookies and candies. All off the building made from cookies and candies!! The village totally colorful. You can eat everything. Include the flower and the bycycle. I start to taste the flower, mmmm!!! Taste like honey lemon. And then I taste a yellow house. Ow! It’s a grain bread coated with strawberry jam. Amazing! When the melody of instrument change, I will imagine that I found a waterfall near from the village accidentally. Not an ordinary waterfall, it’s a chocolate waterfall!! Whuaaa! I take a leave made from biscuit and immerse it to the river. Gyaboo! The taste is extraordinary!

See, you can find so much fun through listening instrument. I’d like to hear or read your imagination about the songs above.

Having So Much Fun Through Listening Instrument

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