I Love The Way I Start My Week

I hate to wake up that early. It’s just 04:30 am. Everyone is sleeping at that time, should I wake up? C’mon.

I hate to leave my warm-yellow-blanket at this time. It’s very cold outside. Even the sun haven’t wake up already.

I hate to take a bath at this time. The water is very cold! I don’t have hot water heater here.

The chilly wind wipe my face when I open the door. It’s cold. Mmm… No, it isn’t. It’s chilly and fresh. 05.30 am. It’s still dark outside. I wonder why’s the sun little bit late in Palu. I have to go now. I take a deep breath. I latch my jacket. I don’t want to late.

I love my fifteen minutes slow walk to go to the church. The road is really quite. It feels like I’m the owner of this city.

I love when the sun arise and lighten my church slowly. The sun make the whole church warm.

I love hearing the singer. She sing mazmur with her clear and soft voice.

I love hearing the sound of organ. Old organ but well played.

I love closing my eyes while other do communion. I love to hear instrumental played, steps of feets, child’s whisper to their parents, and soft voice of Father that said : “Tubuh Kristus” many times, while I close my eyes.

I love getting on my knee and close my eyes while singing Kyrie and Agnus Dei.

I love my fifteen minutes way home while humming the closing song that we sang in the church. It’s 07:45 am now. The road is quite live. The sun is smiling.

I love Him, who make me realize that too many great things I gain every time I go to the church in each sunday early morning. So, why I have to be bothered by that silly lazynes?

I love the way I enjoy my life! I love the way I start my week!

I Love The Way I Start My Week

Is it a target or just a dream?

I remember clearly my COOPS 2nd Stage Final Presentation at July 2008, at PT. INCO, Tbk. My mentor, Bpk. Gustaf G. Songgo attended. He was a -berry busy Mechanical Engineer at that period. He is one of the best Engineer at Central Engineering. He handled major project with high risk and cost. Just by his attendance, encourage me a lot.

One thing that I couldn’t forget from his after-my-presentation-comment is his closing sentence,”I think, she is a real Mechanical Engineer now.” Everyone was clapping hand for me at that time. I was very happy! I was veeeery proud with my self! You know, I’m the only one “Woman Engineer” at Mechanical/Civil Engineer’s Section at that departments. I don’t know, he’s serious with his statement or not, but everytime I remember that moment my heart is filled with spirit and strong will to become a Mechanical Engineer at a multinational company.

He is one of the most motivating and influencing in my life. He taught me from zero about mechanicals. He proves me, when there is a will, there is a way. I always unconfident with my self competence, but he always encourage me. His favorite statements are : “There are lots of ways to go to Rome” and “A thousands miles journey started from a single step”. He always put the words, “young lady” at the end of his statement. It is really fun to have a short journey and recalling all that proudly memories. At that time, I chose “mechanical engineer” as one of my life target.

I still feel that strong passion now. It’s just everything seem not as good as my plan. I never tought that it’s very hard to enter a multinational company. I started to think that maybe I were not that talented in mechanical. I started to work on something beyond mechanical engineering.

It’s already 2 years since that glory time. Heard something related with mining always brings all those sweet memories and passions. I still can’t let that target away. I guess I’m still on my way in completing that mission. Just like Pak Gustaf said, “There are lots of ways to go to Rome.”

Well, it’s hard to wait around for something that might not happen but it’s even harder to give up, when you know it’s everything you ever wanted.

But, I guess, at the moment, I began to realize that it could be wasn’t a life target, it could be just a dream. I know one day I have to let this dream away. It’s just, it’s not the time yet. I need just a little more time to convince my self that it’s not my way to become a mechanical engineer in a multinational company. Just a little more time please…

Is it a target or just a dream?

My Brothers at Palu

You know what? Just like our Lord who always helps us and works through outstanding ways, friendship always starts in many different and odd ways. It’s been about 7 months since my movement to Palu and I’ve spent my times at nothing before met my new brothers here. Let me introduce them to you.

1. Mas Heri. 28. He works as a consultant in Bank Mandiri. He likes to told us about his job. And somehow his job is -berry interesting. Survey lands and buildings, and other. He has a daughter named Biola. He loves Biola a lot. He phones Biola and his wife at every single night. His family live in Jogja now. He owned a motorcyle, and all of us always borrow his motorcyle. Hehehe… What a parasyt!
2. Ega. 24. He is a Branch Manager of La Tulipe Cosmetic. Since I never beautify my self, I never interested at cosmetics. But he is really care about it and you know, he gave me one set of cosmetics, include the mirror. He chose the color of cosmetic by him self. He chose the soft color one. I only can thanked him and said, “I’ll use it at your wedding day.” And he replied,”C’mon, you could use it every morning before go to the office!” *Hell yeah!* I replied it in my mind. I try to use those stupid stuff lately, and you know, it is very hard to create the similar color and shape between my right and left cheek. Gee! I hate my morning time before go the office!!
3. Made. 22. Just like me, he is one of On Job Training Student at PLN. He work for Electricity Distribution Division. You’re right, he is balinese. He is tall. I guess, eating is one of his hobby, because he could eat huge portion very -berry fast. He’s got talent in eating for sure. № doubt about it. He like singing to. Mmmm… № № , it’s not singing. It’s yelling. He always sing in a super strong power of volume with a strange tune and melodies. Hihihi. He has an uncommon talents. But, since he is also a strange person, I’m not surprise with his weirdo talents. Anyway, beyond it, he is a great work mate and bestfriend.
4. Abang. 27. He is a field engineer of XL vendor. He is definetely good at computer stuff, software and hardware. We always looking for him when we’ve got problem in our computer/laptop. He is also a tall person, with a strong Batak character, phisically and physilogically : loud voice, languange, style, all about him remind us to Batak. Hihihi… He is the only one who has a TV in his room. His room is our watching room. Hehe.

I’m a lucky person for having such a great new friendship here. One of my friend said that her heart is too full with old friends and somehow she is thinking that she might № need to fill her heart with new friends at her new place. I asked her at that time, “Engineer, can’t you do some renovation to your heart by expand the size? so you can accept new friend without loose the existing one”.

Too bad, I can’t find Ega’s picture.

My Brothers at Palu