My Brothers at Palu

You know what? Just like our Lord who always helps us and works through outstanding ways, friendship always starts in many different and odd ways. It’s been about 7 months since my movement to Palu and I’ve spent my times at nothing before met my new brothers here. Let me introduce them to you.

1. Mas Heri. 28. He works as a consultant in Bank Mandiri. He likes to told us about his job. And somehow his job is -berry interesting. Survey lands and buildings, and other. He has a daughter named Biola. He loves Biola a lot. He phones Biola and his wife at every single night. His family live in Jogja now. He owned a motorcyle, and all of us always borrow his motorcyle. Hehehe… What a parasyt!
2. Ega. 24. He is a Branch Manager of La Tulipe Cosmetic. Since I never beautify my self, I never interested at cosmetics. But he is really care about it and you know, he gave me one set of cosmetics, include the mirror. He chose the color of cosmetic by him self. He chose the soft color one. I only can thanked him and said, “I’ll use it at your wedding day.” And he replied,”C’mon, you could use it every morning before go to the office!” *Hell yeah!* I replied it in my mind. I try to use those stupid stuff lately, and you know, it is very hard to create the similar color and shape between my right and left cheek. Gee! I hate my morning time before go the office!!
3. Made. 22. Just like me, he is one of On Job Training Student at PLN. He work for Electricity Distribution Division. You’re right, he is balinese. He is tall. I guess, eating is one of his hobby, because he could eat huge portion very -berry fast. He’s got talent in eating for sure. № doubt about it. He like singing to. Mmmm… № № , it’s not singing. It’s yelling. He always sing in a super strong power of volume with a strange tune and melodies. Hihihi. He has an uncommon talents. But, since he is also a strange person, I’m not surprise with his weirdo talents. Anyway, beyond it, he is a great work mate and bestfriend.
4. Abang. 27. He is a field engineer of XL vendor. He is definetely good at computer stuff, software and hardware. We always looking for him when we’ve got problem in our computer/laptop. He is also a tall person, with a strong Batak character, phisically and physilogically : loud voice, languange, style, all about him remind us to Batak. Hihihi… He is the only one who has a TV in his room. His room is our watching room. Hehe.

I’m a lucky person for having such a great new friendship here. One of my friend said that her heart is too full with old friends and somehow she is thinking that she might № need to fill her heart with new friends at her new place. I asked her at that time, “Engineer, can’t you do some renovation to your heart by expand the size? so you can accept new friend without loose the existing one”.

Too bad, I can’t find Ega’s picture.

My Brothers at Palu

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