I Love The Way I Start My Week

I hate to wake up that early. It’s just 04:30 am. Everyone is sleeping at that time, should I wake up? C’mon.

I hate to leave my warm-yellow-blanket at this time. It’s very cold outside. Even the sun haven’t wake up already.

I hate to take a bath at this time. The water is very cold! I don’t have hot water heater here.

The chilly wind wipe my face when I open the door. It’s cold. Mmm… No, it isn’t. It’s chilly and fresh. 05.30 am. It’s still dark outside. I wonder why’s the sun little bit late in Palu. I have to go now. I take a deep breath. I latch my jacket. I don’t want to late.

I love my fifteen minutes slow walk to go to the church. The road is really quite. It feels like I’m the owner of this city.

I love when the sun arise and lighten my church slowly. The sun make the whole church warm.

I love hearing the singer. She sing mazmur with her clear and soft voice.

I love hearing the sound of organ. Old organ but well played.

I love closing my eyes while other do communion. I love to hear instrumental played, steps of feets, child’s whisper to their parents, and soft voice of Father that said : “Tubuh Kristus” many times, while I close my eyes.

I love getting on my knee and close my eyes while singing Kyrie and Agnus Dei.

I love my fifteen minutes way home while humming the closing song that we sang in the church. It’s 07:45 am now. The road is quite live. The sun is smiling.

I love Him, who make me realize that too many great things I gain every time I go to the church in each sunday early morning. So, why I have to be bothered by that silly lazynes?

I love the way I enjoy my life! I love the way I start my week!

I Love The Way I Start My Week

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