Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not The End (unknown)

Hi There! It’s me again. *Of course it’s me. Do you think there will be another silly person who want to write on this silly blog?* Haha! This month has been a really great month :

  1. A true hectic month with so much activities related to company’s and employee’s performance plan and monitoring *MUK make me sick! I hate working on divergence dizzy columns, rules, and objects*,
  2. Electricity condition getting better and better,
  3. I lost my mobile & smart phones and found it back 4 days later plus I realize that I have an extraordinary unchangeable brotherhood here,
  4. I’m a permanent employee now and it’s been announced,
  5. GM had visited our office few days ago,
  6. Finally I found that my Branch Manager is a funny and a-joke-lover, just like I do. *I thought he was an un-smiled, distinct, idealism, tough person* Uuu scary! You know, his character is so Pak Gustaf. He always finds solution faster than us, but always discusses it and finally gets approve for his solution from all meeting member, he has a-convince-ability for sure. Hehehe. Detailed but not a wasting-time person. A strong choleric-melancholic person, based on Florence Litteaure theory *pretending as a psychology expert*.  Little bit more emotional than Pak Gustaf, but reminds me a lot to Pak Gustaf. Hmmm… I’m wondering how’s Pak Gustaf now. He should be a great leader now, like he supposed to be. Feel proud for had become one of Pak Gustaf’s team member. Huhuhu! Damn miss those engineering moments with Central Engineering! I’m going to e-mail him tomorrow,
  7. Gee! So many things to be written! Too many things happen, and I had lot of fun this month. No days had passed without laugh and grateful. Live high! Live mighty! Live righteously!

Readers, for this last month I realize that everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay it’s not the end. Remembered clearly the electricity condition at the middle of May 2010. We (read : my company) only can handle 6 hours ON a day, and OFF for the rest of the day. Pathetic! We don’t even have time to charge our handphones! But you see now, we ON 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It did take lots of effort.  More than lots, giant effort!

Need a smaller example? A story of my friend’s life. We are all six persons. We called us Ranau-er. It’s because we’ve been live together for 1 year at Jl. Ranau Sorowako. Most of us graduate at 2008, except one person. Most of us work and continue our study, except one person. On a small discussion, she told me that she always failed at interview on recruitment. From my opinion, she feels not okay, I guess she’s down. Then she moved to Jakarta, a big city with larger work opportunity. She applied for few companies. She didn’t make it. And I guess, it was just getting worse, because her father was sick and need to have a surgical operation at Jakarta. I told her, “Lucky you. You haven’t had any job so, you can stay by your father’s side, to encourage and help them. Who else will do that? You’re the one who know Jakarta much better than your parents.” Guess what! Right after her parents went back to Makassar, she passed PLN recruitment easily. She beat thousands other applicant which came from superior famous university! Didn’t she finish it nicely and perfectly? What a tough person. She found it okay in the end. She ended her battle rightfully proud.

You see? Everything will be okay in the end. All you need to do is using a-right-wide-glasses to see it clearly. You can’t see every event separately. You need to see the whole picture. Just like what I’m trying to do now. I’m trying to see the whole picture, but I guess I still need to wait the next piece of puzzle to complete my picture. I’m trying to wait it patiently. I’m trying to define “okay” from my glasses. Does it mean keep fighting and moving forward until I found okay at further phase or does it mean stop fighting and try to merging myself until I can define okay at this phase? Am I using the right glasses or should I find another one? I really do my best to wait patiently my next piece of puzzle.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep the good attitude while waiting.

Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not The End (unknown)

15 thoughts on “Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not The End (unknown)

  1. My summary :

    1. U are addicted crazily to Pak Gustaf, in this page u mention him most. U try to find another Pak Gustaf, and it leads u to force ur mind to make the image of ur GM like Pak Gustaf. Shame on you, wake up girl… :p

    2. Ur pic reminds me with our last trip. Knowing that u still save the files is relieving me that I can make the copies later. *U know that I’ve lost all of my trip documentation.. huhuhu… T_T*

    3. Heyyyy, Visit my blog too ‘n leave ur trace there.. ^^


  2. 1. Wahahahaha! Am I? I’m not addict, I’m just admiring and hoping all leaders in my company be like him. Psst, that’s GM whom I talked about. It’s my Branch Manager. One level lower than GM. Do you think I had talent in psychology?

    2. I don’t want to let you copy mine. I’m stingy.

    3. Already, dear.


  3. Pak Gustaf said that, even though you both crazy about him, he is also crazy about you two in different way…hhehehehe…
    U know what qas he doing after both of you (or all of u?) left for Soroako? He was made a very big party to thank to God for your leaving.. ^_^
    Uya..I thought all comments in your blog are coming from the heart of people who visited it, but in fact, I was wrong. They gave comments because u insisted them to do so..(by visiting their blog first and then gave your forced words,”Don’t forget to visit mine yaaaaaaaa…”
    Shame on you, girl… (ku balaskan ko,yuri)


  4. To Yuri :

    1. Yes, u are addicted. And, instead of being a psychologist, you’ll better become a psychiatrist. Wkkkkwkkkwkkk..

    2. Ouw yeahhhh.. Bendungannnnn.. :p

    3. I know that everytime u visit it, there must be some ridicule as ur “finishing touch”. It’s ok lah, I’m a patient girl, aren’t I ? :p

    To K’Irma :

    Everything need publication, madame. How could they know mine if I’ve never told them before. Marketing needs some trick, right? :p


  5. Thank you for visit and leave your finger tips here. I’m glad to know this written could motivate you. Keep visiting another written. Be positive, live your live with good intention!

    Yuriko Sonambela
    “APOLOGIZE doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.”


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