Be Energized!

Palu, September 1, 2010. Gee! 4 months later I’ll complete my first year at this unwelcome city. Still can’t soluble with this grumpy environment. Too much difference, I guess, or too high expectation? Hmm… doesn’t matter anymore. There too much things to be worried than just comfort.

Then, here you are, finally I found that other always think I’m an un-bothered-able person, that I’m an always-happy person. Well, beside my other talents, such as : taciturn, mousy, sleep-aholic, diligent, beautiful, charming, charismatic *God, help me! I’ve got too much positive side to be mentioned!!! Hahahaha!*, I guess my friends are definitely right. I’m an always-happy person *not always, but I tries to always looks happy* Next, lot’s of my friends ask, “How?”. I started to ask myself, “How?”. I analyzed myself then and figured out, here you are some of me that might be worked on you :

  1. I always starts my day with an energetic music! Singing some of egoist or narcissism songs in front of the mirror while get dressed. Don’t forget to do some improvisation with the song and some dance moves *you could find so much fun! Something that I don’t realize is my neighbors are depressed with those improvisations*. Haha! Last but not least, give your best smile to yourself in front of the mirror. Some of my favorite songs : We are golden – Mika, Blame It On The Girl – Mika, Promise The Stars – We The King, We’ll Be A Dream – We The King ft. Demi Lovato, Looking For Paradise – Alejandro Sanz ft. Alicia Keys, Ignorance – Paramore, etc.
  2. When you feel down, get lazy, or sleepy, clap your hands to energize yourself (taken from I’m Gifted, So Are You, Adam Khoo’s Book). Feel embarrassed for clapping hands in the middle of meeting or quiet work room? You can try my other tricks : doing some silly chat with notes, drawing at the last page of your book, annoying other, arguing other, or twitting other. It usually works for me. The point is to find brief activities to refresh you. It does refresh me, when I found my friends get disturbed. Haha! *tricky smile*
  3. For second time I’ve wrote this : Everything happen for a reason. Stop bothering everything! Bothered by something inside your circle. When your project ruined and it’s because your work mate, and you’ve tried your best to fix it and it still ruined, then let it ruined. Be egoist, that’s not yourself who ruined it either, even though other will see that project as a team-work-project. There could be no second chances, but you’ve got lesson from that mistake that other might not have when they accomplish the same project with no obstacle like your team did. Be proud with yourself.
  4. Don’t get mad easily. Getting mad won’t let us chance to think clearly. We’ll just become stupid when we get mad. That won’t solve a problem. Be patient, be wise. I’m still learning it, by the way. That’s the most challenging lesson, because I’m an emotional and un-wise person. My SUHU said, when you facing the most inconvenience and aggravate situation, just convince yourself, that you found the greatest lesson with the cheapest installment.
  5. Life is a sum of your choices. You always have option. Every morning you have two options : to live happily today or not. Even when you get mad you still have option to express your anger. Life is about analyzing the option and taking the best option that completed with all those consequences, learning from your mistakes, and keep moving forward.

Be energized, be happy, rules your own life!

Be Energized!

4 thoughts on “Be Energized!

  1. Hohoho! Of course not. The twin of my mentor at CE, dear. =)
    Just feel don’t have right to put his real name in here. Hahaha! However, I felt that his quotes is something important and need to be shared. Don’t you think so?


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