Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep the good attitude while waiting.

Well, it’s started from a simple chat with my SUHU. And all those chats started from a stupid priest who has an extraordinary uncommon method in communicating. I called that method shamelessly. Hahaha! FYI, I almost brush my teeth with the facial foam this morning because of that stupid priest. And this afternoon, I almost wash my face with shampoo!!!! I’m wondering, why I always remember him while I’m taking a bath *Well, that’s quite good rather than get stomachache when remember him*. You know somehow I started to feel wicked for judging him few days ago. Beyond of those scary method had chosen by him, it might be the best method he could think on that situation. And the-silly-unwise-yuriko chose to judge him negatively. What I just realized is, if it’s not because of him, I wouldn’t have those chat with SUHU, and found the lesson of patience today. Again and again, God amazed me with HIS great work art.

SUHU sent me this message :

When you can’t put away your problems, even for a while, I suggest you to go to a shop. You can find the shop easily around Palu, the shop called “HAPPINESS”. Something unique from the shop is : no “HAPPINESS” sold there, because it can’t be sold. The shop sells the seed of patience, sincerely, thankfulness, love, honest, fatefully, and forgiveness. If you want to have it, you have to growing it up and taking care of it by yourself. The most costly seed is PATIENCE. Because PATIENCE is the main ingredient of all other seeds.

Quite different with other economy management, at the “HAPPINESS” shop, don’t buy the cheapest seed even when you don’t have enough cash. Choose the most valuable one : PATIENCE. Choose to buy in installment. Something that we don’t realize that shop with the most annoying and impatient salesclerk sells the most valuable seed with the cheapest installment.

“So, when you facing the most inconvenience and aggravate situation, just convince yourself, that you have just entered “HAPPINESS” shop which sells the most valuable seed with the cheapest installment.

I asked for patience and wise for these last few days, and HE gave me great lesson today about patience. GOD, you’re so cool!

I suggest SUHU to have his own blog to share those great knowledges.


One thought on “Patience

  1. […] Don’t get mad easily. Getting mad won’t let us chance to think clearly. We’ll just become stupid when we get mad. That won’t solve a problem. Be patient, be wise. I’m still learning it, by the way. That’s the most challenging lesson, because I’m an emotional and un-wise person. My SUHU said, when you facing the most inconvenience and aggravate situation, just convince yourself… […]


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