The Natural Timer

Again and again! Marriage invitation! I received lots of marriage invitation this few months. Is this marriage season yet? Or should I say, my age is already a marriage age yet for most of people. I am 25 years old now and I’m getting tired answering questions like this : Who’s your boyfriend now? When will you get married? Do you know that your age is the best age range to get married? I am also getting tired for this kind of responds from my answers : What?? You don’t have a boyfriend yet at this age? It’s crucial! *So what? Hello! This is 2010! It’s not that crucial, everyone is still busy in mastering their study at 25 years old now* When will you think about marriage then?!! *Stop judging me! I’m thinking of it. Don’t worry. It’s just not on my top priority* What are you afraid from marriage? You can find so much fun through marriage, you know! *Lalala! Pamparampam! Pretending hears nothing sometimes work* Don’t be so selective! *I have to be selective! FYI, I’m not looking for someone that I can deal with, I’m looking for someone that I can’t live without in my entire life*

I yell, “GO TO HEEELLL!!!!!” only in my mind of course. Is this what human-life-metamorphose supposed to? One of my wise-best-friend called it natural tendency.  My mind played around when heard that term. Natural tendency? Hmmm… I guess that could explain a lot about “The Natural Timer”. Familiar with this kind of questions, huh? :

  1. When will you graduate your bachelor degree? (at around 22-24 years old)
  2. C’mon, find a job now… (at around 23-25 years old)
  3. What are you waiting for? You already have a settled job and you’re age is old enough. Go find your soul-mate and marry him/her! (at around 24-29 years old)
  4. Already have a baby? (about 1 years after marriage)
  5. I guess your first-born daughter/son is waiting for her sister/brother (about 2-3 years after the eldest son/daughter)
  6. And so on.

Feel depressed with all those outrageously-curios people? Or feel depressed for can’t re-schedule the timer? That’s why we called it “NATURAL”, dear. Because we can’t control it. It happens by itself. Feel grateful for those kinds of people, because they are the proof of care and love. God reminds us about our Natural Tendency trough them. Keep reminding yourself to not re-schedule your timer, because you don’t have too. We are all have our own timer. It might be different one to another, but remember there is the average of time. Don’t walk too far from the average.

To be honest, I wrote this just to remind my own self. Receiving my life-steering-wheel from parents makes me too exciting in doing this solo life traveling. I start to feel over-enjoy riding my life, taking chances, and making decision for each chapter of my life. I do enjoy taking control this life fully. I still have too much things to be done solo. I’m not ready yet to engage someone in my whole life adventure. I hear the timer ringing loudly. I hear it and I do appreciate it positively. Don’t worry. I just want to postpone it for a moment.

Just for a moment. It would be okay, wouldn’t?

The Natural Timer

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