Adventuring Life Journey (dedicated to all travelers)

I enjoy every single minutes at the plane. I enjoy seeing different mountains and building at day or seeing lights pattern of housing and building at night. I enjoyed seeing the clear sky without clouds at the sunny day on my way to Balikpapan. I enjoyed the fear when the plane quake and pass through the cumulonimbus at the rainy day on my flight to Jakarta. It’s not about fear or fearless I guess, it’s more about realizing the God’s power in your life and experience the fear from different point of view. Sometimes life it’s not about facing the problems bravely but more about using the right glasses to see it clearer.

I enjoyed every single minutes when riding rainy Bali on the comfort-rent-Avanza, felt the high quality of inter-city asphalt construction while seeing the beautiful sea and mountains view.  I also enjoyed my 28 hours journey at the most un-comfort minibus (metromini sized) without air conditioner to Manado, with tight seat and rice sack (completed with rice fleas) at the foot. It’s not about comfort or discomfort I guess, it’s more about experience the life journey. You would not find the definition of comfort without exploring discomfort.

I enjoyed every single minutes at the slow-plain-boat exploring cozy Matano Lake while barbequing and chatting or laughing with friends at Sorowako. I also enjoyed my 12 hours acrossing the billow sea on my trip to Sangihe Island, slept at the small-dusty-bed at the boat and felt the high midnight wind from the boat. It’s not about the type of the boat I guess, it’s not about the glass of coffee, but it more about the taste of the coffee.

I enjoy both taking rest at the exclusive hotel room, completed with bath-thub, large spring bed, multi channel television, luxurious breakfast and other extraordinary services or a cheap small inn, less facilities, fan only, and roasted bread for breakfast. It’s not about luxurious or in-luxurious I guess, it’s more about define the perfect moments to take a little break for yourself and redefine your life targets.

When you see an incredible sunset from the rocky precipice, isn’t it amazed you? It fascinated me, defines a lot about God and it pushed me to experience another adventure, asked me to find another view with the same sensationalism! When you see underwater lives, don’t you feel that life is too short to be unexplored? It asked me to find another nature adventure! When you experienced  another human culture don’t you overawed?

Have you seen something like this? It’s a Kecak Performance while sunset at Uluwatu Slope Bali.

Or view like this? It’s an evening view from Butoh Hill Sorowako.

When your eyes see something un-documented-able by a super-high-resolution-camera, don’t it energized you to find another eyes capture?

Travelers, let’s exploring life, let’s experience natures, let’s live the history!

Because, it’s not the years in your life that count, but it’s the life in your years. (Abe Lincoln)

God, I love the way You amazed me!

Can’t hardly wait for my next adventure.

Adventuring Life Journey (dedicated to all travelers)