Laughing This Life

Just had a big laugh with my best friend, Aris, at the public transportation this evening.

We were laughing at this life. How this life can piss us off easily and bring so much happiness at a time.

We were laughing at his past. How his past came back suddenly in the name of  “building communication” but brought the most inconvenience news at the same time.

We were laughing at his tough days lately. How his day could deeply painful, but he still have power to laugh and discuss about those suck days and looks back with a big smile.

We were having a lot of laugh while riding the public transportation. And I’m still laughing at the moment.

I’m laughing at our self. How we can still have option to laugh in the most aggravate situation.

I’m laughing at those bad situation to deal with. I can’t deal with it better than him probably, but I’ll choose the option to laugh at it for sure, just like he did.

I’m laughing at those silly option while realizing how “Laugh with Friend” can helps us move forward and contribute a lot in our maturity process.

I’m laughing at this world. How the mountains will keep stand tall, flowers will keep bloom, clouds will keep moved by the wind, Aris’ll still be silly and ugly, and I’ll still be smart and beautiful after all. Every awesome and outstanding spot still waiting for us to discover with after all. Mountains with those beautiful views still waits us to climb it patiently. Coral and underwater life still in it’s place and waiting for the adventurer like us.

Life problems will not bring any change to the world and the world still wait for us to discover it consistently. It’s us who can be changed negatively by the problems but it’s also us who can be changed positively. What make us special is we always have option.

Life keep moving forward no matter what.

I’ll choose to discover the undiscover world, looks back with my big sincere smile, and steps my feet forward surely, how about you?

Be Energized, pals!

Laughing This Life