Feel a little bit jealous to my little brother, Sander Sonambela, for having such a brilliant brain, extraordinary mind, and outstanding achievements. He is the one to accomplish my parents dream : enter the medical faculty. He is our family pride for sure, for having so much (much mean uncountable! =p) achievements in lots of competition. Lesson competitions, sports competition, even music competition! He is a great basketball team member. He is also a great guitarist and vocalist for his band. He always at the top rank in his class since elementary school. And you know what, he had followed The International Astronomy Olympic at Siberia when he was at high school. He represent Indonesia at that time. What a brother! Sometime, I want to be like him indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to my best friend, Uyach, for having such a great mindset, high consistency, best decision maker with high level analysis ability, great planner, and a superstition money organizer. She owned a house at this age and walk steadily at her life path right now. Live her life with a lot of dreams and life targets. Sometime, I want to be like her indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to my best friend, Gitta Angelina Wunas, for her understanding about life, her effort and courage to find that understanding, her instant mind and un-platitude attitude, for always can simplify something complex and easy going. Sometime, I want to be like her indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to my Manager, I Nyoman Sujana, for having a fired enthusiasm, very stable emotion,  accountable integrity, the decision maker machine with an outstanding intelligence, great sense of humor even in under pressure condition, for his leadership. He always can stand tall in the neutral line, without partiality at one side. What an objective leader. Sometime, I want to be like him indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to my leader now, Edy Saparta, for always think other first than him self, for his ability to bother by nothing, for his trust to other and forgive-easily attitude, for his positive mindset. Sometime, I want to be like him indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to my work mate, Nelly Kornelia, Fikran A. Harun and I Made Aris Sastrawan, for their stable emotion and good listening ability, for being such a patient person and never against other directly, for their appease way in convincing other, for their calm and high tolerance to other, and for their steady persevering. Sometime, I want to be like them indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to my work mate, Rocky Kalisang, for his marvelous sense of art, his amazing design ability, and the way he mastering and enrich his ability, for his high interest and talent in IT, for his obstinacy in facing his tough days, for his unique way in builds communications and for his sincerely help, without re-compensation. Sometime, I want to be like him indeed.

Feel a little bit jealous to many other person! Ranauers, Ms. Irma Savitri & Ms. Jusni, Kun’s Family, High School and College mate, Elin & Dian, Mrs. Jernia Panto, Ms. Darmawaty Mokoginta, Mrs. Ni Nyoman Rani, My Parents, Aunties and Cousins, Mr. Freddy Lihawa, Mrs. Zesty Lania, Mrs. Lili Suwardy, and other. Sometime, I want to be like them indeed.

You know what? Maintain your jealousy positively won’t bring you down. It does helps me to understand this life. That everyone is special in many different way. In the end, we are all in the same class of School of Life, maybe in different grade. We are all got the same lesson, maybe in different schedule. The most important thing is to not loosing your self while valuing other too much and forgetting that you are special too. Because every one of us are pieces of rough diamonds. What make you different is the way you polish your self into a special-unique-beautiful shape of diamond. Every piece of shaped diamond will match to other pieces of diamonds and in the end we will create a great puzzle life art. Type of shape you’ve chosen will determine which other puzzle match your shape. Because life is a work team project. You can’t finished the puzzle by your own self. The puzzle won’t complete if we loose one piece.

So, rough diamonds, let’s polish our self and work together. Not to compete to another, but to complete our life puzzle. We are all have important role in this gigantic life project.

Hey JC, just want YOU to know, that I feel a lot of jealous to YOU. For your wisdom and indefinite love. Almost loosing my self while valuing YOU too much. Big hug for YOU!


2 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Thank u for visiting and leave your fingerprints here. =).
    I like it too.

    Yuriko Sonambela
    “APOLOGIZE doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.”


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