Work for God

Well, it’s been around 5 months since my last written. I’ve drawn by work this last months. Analyzing, evaluating, assisting, out of town works, reports, and all about office. Here you are my daily work activities :

06.15 am : My alarm ring and then I will postpone it for several time and then finally wake up at around 7.15. Sometime, I wake up earlier, especially when my neighbour get disturbed by the ringing of my alarm and yell me. Hahahaha….

07.15 am : I turn on music or television to hear latest news for several minutes while eat snack. I usually -berry enjoy this activities and then shocked by the time. Damn! It almost my work time, I have to take a bath quickly!

07.30 am : Extra fast bath time, extra fast get dressed and make up. Ok, I dont do make up, it wasting time. Last, extra fast ironing cloth. I usually late for about 5-10 minutes at the office. Work time start at 08.00. Hahahaha! And then, I will enter my room with a big wry smile to my supervisor. My wry smile works well until this time to prevent my supervisor anger. =p

08.10 am until the work end or I end up the work. The work time end at 05.00pm, but I almost never find my work end at 05.00pm. But, it’s not a big deal actually, I quite enjoy work. I don’t do anything at home, beside. My highest record work time is went home at 00.30am. Haha! I challenge you to break my record. But do you know, even my self don’t want to break the record until now.

Usually when I arrive at home, I wash my face, eat snack or fruit while watching news, read bible, pray, sleep. Haha! You are right, I seldom take a bath at night. I’m too lazy to do that. No one will smell me at night, I sleep alone. That’s the best part of being single I guess. No objection to my lazyness at all. Hoho!

And these last 5 months, I’ve visited several town for work matter, Manado, Makassar, Donggala, and Parigi. Not bad, huh!

Some of my friends called my workaholic and other called me stupid. Some say I should learn to say NO for some task which is not my jobdesc and the other ask me to recalibrate my “OVERLOAD” standard.

When you learn to work for God, you’ll find my perspective in defining “WORK”. Don’t do the job for your leader, don’t do the job for your work mate, don’t do the job for the salary, don’t do the job for pride, don’t do the job for complimentary. Do the job for God.

One last thing, “Don’t feel bitter that people remember you only when the need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle. You come to their mind first when they’re in the dark.” (anonim)

Live high! Live mighty! Live righteously! ~Jason Mraz

Work for God

6 thoughts on “Work for God

  1. Hehehe… Yohaiii! Buat nyemangatin diri say. 🙂

    Yuriko Sonambela

    “APOLOGIZE doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.”


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