Sunday Mass at Jakarta

This is my first written since I moved to Jakarta. I didnt write much at Palu and Parigi. Too busy with work, life plan (which wasn’t run well) and drawn by the sad stories by last year I guess. It was a really big decision to move here.

I just went to church for Sunday Mass this evening. Just like another Sunday Mass, i am very exciting in preparing everything to go to the church. I will wear my best dress, spray parfume, wear my favorite watch and ofcourse use my glasses. I seldom wear jeans or pants. Maybe this sound silly, but I want to look pretty in front of God.

I never feel bored singing the same song from Puji Syukur at each week. I dont care if the Priest can’t sing well, he sing for God. I cant explain what this little heart filling while singing Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Pater Noster and Agnus Dei. I guess it called Joy. I can’t stop this body from making little moves or my finger from tapping while singing the opening or closing song.

I really enjoy feeling my knees down on the church chair and my hand lean on the desk. I will close my eyes and feel God presence.

I can’t stop smiling, seeing the happy face of children who get cross on their head from the Priest while hearing the latine worship by the choir. I don’t really understand the song, but somehow I enjoy it.

I feel very lucky to have this feeling in every single Sunday Mass and I don’t want to loose that feeling.

20140216-015600 AM.jpg
Jakarta has lots of great and big church. Each church has it own dedicated Priests and could handle several Masses on Saturday and Sunday. Isn’t it great?

2010 at Palu we only had 1 Sunday Mass and it scheduled at 06.00 am, since the Priest should lead another Mass in another city. There is no air conditioner or modern organ. It’s old church with old design and very small.
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20140216-015656 AM.jpg
2013 at Parigi we only have 09.00 am Sunday Mass, and we thank God if the Priest can lead the mass once a month. The church even haven’t finish since they don’t have enough fund. We use wild flower for decoration and the bird chirping instead of organ. Yap, we dont have organ.

I am thanking God for all the experience. I guess no more excuse for not attend Sunday Mass in the future. Before went home I pray. Dear God thanks for everything. Give me wisdom mind, a heart that filled with love, and sincerity to release, forgive, and forget all the sad stories behind. Amen.

Happy Sunday everybody!

Sunday Mass at Jakarta

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