People Change

Well it’s been 6 years since my first written at 2008. Not bad huh? Well, there some season I vacum and dont write, but overall I still find it marvellous and fun!

If few years ago, my life can be very well scheduled, now my life is in a mess. Hahaha!

Back to 2009, I usually wake up around 5.30-06.00, than I’ll cook breakfast and bring lunch to the office. I even cooked breakfast for me and for my neighbour at that time! After office hour, I’ll cook for dinner and cook rice for the next day. Ckckck! I’m amazed by my self.

Do you want to know how I start my day now? My alarm, as always, will ring at 06.00. The difference is, if at the previous I will wake up, now I will postpone it, not just once, but several times. Wkwkwkwk! Usually I will wake up at 7.00, drink coffee in the room (if there’s time), take bath, extra fast walking to the office. If I miss my coffee time at my room, I’ll have it at the office.

One thing never change is, I always start a day with a cup of coffee. 🙂

At the night, if I can finish my work earlier, I will read, listen music, chitchat with friends (in short : do something un-important) Haha! Somehow, I can do these un-important activities until late at night.

Well, people change. I even can’t help my self from changing in several things. So, if I can’t trust even my own self, How I can expect people not to change? I learned not to expect anything from the other. If they want to change, they will just change, they will not think about you. You may have hopes, but you need to manage your expectation wisely.

Because just like the season, people change. Only God’s love that will never change until the end of the world.

People Change