Paragliding View

I should say that I have been waiting this experience for long time ago. It is really fun watching those people fly and do some moves up in the sky. I wonder what were they thinking while flying. And finally, I can experience paragliding to!

We start from Jakarta early morning on May 10th 2014 by 06.00AM. I should wake up at 04.00AM! Gee! That’s a big thing for me! I’m not a morning person for sure. *sigh*  Well, in the sake of time efficiency, I dont take a bath! Haha!

Within 2 hours, we are welcomed by fresh air and wind, tea trees, pine trees, hills, and also noodle! After finish our breakfast we move to the paragliding point.


20140516-043656 PM.jpg

The view is very beautiful. It is located in high elevation. We can see the town from there. Paragliding is really depend on the wind direction. It tooks patience before start to fly actually. We wait until 01.00PM for the “right” wind direction! Lucky I go there with such a wonderful peoples. We laugh, chit-chat, and enjoy the great sun shine to our skin. Who care with the darker skin anyway!


20140516-043958 PM.jpg

When the wind whiffle, the paragliding pilot prepare all the stuff. Quick moves! Don’t ever miss any chance to fly, because you never now when will be next “right” wind direction. My tandem pilot name is Lilik. He is a cool person. Not talk much. He give me a very-brief-introduction,”Just follow my instruction.”

Mmmmm! Just that?! No other explanation?! Okay it is brief… *I raise my eyebrow*

He start to check our stuff. The parachute, body-harnesses, knots, etc. He “click” our body-harnesses and we stand in midpoint of the parachute. “Follow my instruction,” he repeat.

“Walk, walk, faster, faster, run!” And we fly!! We fly! Weee flyyyyyy!! U yea!! It took moments before the wind blow us up to the higher elevation. I am speechless. This is damn beautiful sight! Even with all these fog, the view is still beautiful! We can see everything! Hills, hotels, cottages, house, plantations, road, everyting. I am amazed! My pilot question surprise me, “Beautiful isn’t it? Why dont you take pictures and video?” “Oh ya. Mmm… You’re right.” I almost forget to take picture because I am hypnotized by this landscape. Cheeeeseee! I also took selfie photo together with my tandem pilot. 😉


20140516-044615 PM.jpg

I guess we should see our life with this “Paragliding View”. Sometime we only use our “Land View Perspective”. The real view will be hidden behind the trees, building, high land, rocks, and other. And that make us dont realize how beautiful our life actually. We only see the big thing in front of us, we don’t really want to know what is actually waiting behind that big stupid thing, who knows that it might be a beatiful landscape?

So, when you feel that you are stuck somewhere somehow, just be calm, keep quiet. Take a break and try to have Paragliding View. You might experience a beautiful sight from up above the sky of your life!

20140516-044701 PM.jpg

Paragliding View

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