Colorful Life

It is always really sad attending funeral pray session.  This time I accompany my friend Rini, attending her best friend family’s funeral. The one who died is a wife of fine art artist. The family plan to do cremation and then throw ashes in to ocean in Lombok.

All families wear white shirt. They are all look exhausted and sad.  Kids are crying beside their mother’s coffin. Grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles, and her husband, also cry. Her daughter request one more minutes before they close the coffin. She kiss and hug her mother while crying. She asked permission to her daddy to put their family picture inside her mother coffin. Her younger sister looks more taugh, eventhough we still can see teardrops on her cheek. I and Rini can’t help our self for not affected with this sorrow situation.

Even the wind can’t blow the sadness and the sun can’t dried up the tears.

Birds are chirping. They are welcoming us in the Cathedral Church. We don’t talk much on our way from the funeral home to the church. This is an unusual Sunday, I guess. Songs sing by the children choir sounds really nice in my ears. Their funny voices make me smile. Some of them sing with a fals tone and invent new rythm. They’re so cute.

We close the day by watching Rini’s Father Traditional Funeral Video in her room. Her father just died last year. She said, she don’t understand why people keep hurting each other, tell lies, do rivalry, play drama, and beeing rude. In the end, all of us will end in the same wooden coffin. I smile. That is the funny thing of human. Even when people know they might be die by next 60 minutes, they don’t realize it and keep hurting each other.

But I believe you and me not one of them. We are painting our beautiful life with beautiful colour isn’t? Maybe, several times we become so silly for letting other people paint our days with black or blue colour. Never mind, past is past. We still have hope, chance, and of course choices! Let’s create marvellous art of life. You and I, we are the painter. We decide the colour!

I tell Rini that her moves in that traditional funeral dance video is really bad. Hahaha! We both talk and laugh and talk and laugh until drop and fall aslep.

By morning, we both wake up and shock by the time! Da*n! It 6.15 already and I still have to back to my board room in South Jakarta then go to office. And there you are the traffic jam as always. If yesterday is an unusual Sunday for me, than today is the very usual Monday in Jakarta. Haha!

I choose ORANGE to paint my life today! What is your colour today?


Colorful Life

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