Let’s Get Lost in Togean Islands!

Sea water shake this ferry. Warm sea air blow our face. We are on our way to Togean Islands from Ampana City. The famous islands in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.


I’ve been waiting this since years ago. And you have no idea what we’ve been experienced in last 24hours ago to reach this ferry this Sunday Morning, 12Oct 2014.

We started from Jakarta on Saturday, 11th Oct 2014, 00.30AM with a connecting flight to Luwuk, one stop at Makassar. Based on our ticket the schedule will be Jakarta-Makassar 00.05-03.00AM and then Makassar-Luwuk 05.30-07.00AM. We planned to continue our trip to Ampana using public trasportation that scheduled at 10.00AM and planned to arrive at Ampana 8 hours later at 06.00PM. I already contacted my friend at Luwuk. They said we will have some snorkling on sea shore and beach sight seeing near the airport then have some breakfast before continue our trip to Ampana. And it sound perfect, isn’t?!

I prepared my snorkling stuff and put at the top side of my 45ltr Deuter Backpack, so later I can reach this stuff easily when we arrive there. We were ready to go!

Our flight to Makassar ran well and we had a good landing at Hasanuddin International Airport. Just a minor delay. We reported our connecting flight at transit desk. Suddenly we were informed that our flight is canceled and moved to 09.30AM! And we didn’t get any information either via sms or e-mail! What the heck!? The airline officer didn’t say sorry to us at all! Felt a little bit upset with the service we decided to complain at the airline arrival service desk. After we explained the situation, she said to us,”Ma’am would you ask the question to that employee who sat over there, she is more senior than me. She probably can help you,” while appointed her finger to a woman who had a chit chat with her friend. What?! Why we should go there and ask them? We were complaining to you, if you didn’t know the solution, you go there and ask her. Not us! I felt angry. Aniway, with that anger thank God still can talk with a normal tone to her. They told us to complain at the ticketing section, departure office. Not the arrival office.

We walked to that airline departure desk, and re-told the story. Akh! Bad bad service. The officer insist that they already sent the notification one day before via sms and recorded in their system. Too bad that was not my number neither my friend, but phone number of our group member which is help us to arrange the ticket. I told him, with that flight reschedule I had to re-arranged my whole trip plan! (With a little hyperbolic and drama of course. :D) It’s a quite long argue with him until he said, they will refund if we want to cancel our ticket. We were arguing at 04.00AM! We found another earlier flight with another airline and add another Rp. 500k. Damn! Actually, I did’t know exactly whose responsible for this mistake, the airline or the travel agency. Aniway, I decide to argue with the airline officer first, then say sorry later if this is not their fault. Hahaha! It’s 04.00PM my maan, there will be no one will picked up your phone at the travel agency.


We arrived 60min later than planned. The bright sunny weather welcomed us in Luwuk. My friend brought us to the beach near from airport to have a fun snorkling at shallow shore.


The underwater view is breathtaking! Colourful corals and fish everywhere. I had to hold my breath so my big belly won’t crush the corals. And you can reach the spot just by 3 minutes swim. To bad our time in Luwuk were very limited. We still need to catched up the public transportation schedule to go to Ampana. It was scheduled at 10.00AM. We arrived at their pool by 10.30AM, they told us that the elf was still in the gas station queue. Oh man! We just commented and felt sorry and laughed at the long queue in gas station on our way to the pool, and our elf is in that queue! Our elf came later at 12.30AM. Now I felt sorry for my self and my friend, Ocha. Oh boy!


Our way to Ampana was quite shaking. The road is not really good. Mmmm… The road is terrible actually. As an effect, when you talk at the elf, your voice will sound like robot. “Haaiiii how are you?” will sound like “Ha-a-i–ho-ow–are–yo-ou?” Hahaha! But out of that, the view is really beautiful. Just forget the shaking road and enjoy the view.

We arrived at Ampana 7hrs later by 7.30PM. The other 7persons wait for us in the restaurant to have dinner. They welcomed us with jokes and laughs. Within few minutes we already drawn by funny conversation and plan discussion and forgot all the stupid things happened in that day. What a day, what a day!

And here we are, by the next morning, sit nicely inside the ferry, public transportation to the Wakai, a small port in Togean Islands.


Can’t hardly wait what will happen in these next few days. Haha!

Let’s get lost in Togean Islands!

Let’s Get Lost in Togean Islands!

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