It is a little bit funny seeing how this life turns our life up and down so easily.

The other days you are at the top, find yourself as a winner and the next days you are very very very low at the bottom, far from the top, not even close to the surface.

The other days your life go oh-so-smooth with no bumper at all just like driving in the highway and suddenly bumpers come out from nowhere and it’s everywhere.

The other days you meet people as strangers and as the time passing you find they are your best friends and soulmates, while the person who you think will be your destiny leaves you.

The other days you are so sure about your future and life path and then you realize it leads you to nowhere and you just turn around at the same spot, everything become so blur, and you don’t even have guts to decide where to go.

Sometimes you feels so lonely, the other days you want to be alone.

Sometimes you feel so normal, the other days you feel so weird.

Up and down, down and up. Meh, that’s just a term. You still can be happy in both up and down. You can decide to be happy.

Red and blue. Blah, that’s just the same. You can decide your own color to describe your feeling. Pink in tears, calm purple in anger, or blue in your laugh. Everything’s just sounds perfect for me.

Heart and brain. Who’s in charge? Huh, who cares anyway? It doesn’t matter at all, feels free for that. Who knows, your heart and brain might be best-buddy now.

Thoughts and feelings. No no! Never ever let others thoughts and feelings lead yours. You create your own, not them. Only your thoughts and your feelings can drive you. No, not other. Don’t let them control yours. Don’t let people put their standards to you.

Have hopes. Have faith and love. Perseverance. Smile and be happy.

Oh c’mon, don’t live your life too serious, don’t be so harsh to yourself. In the end, happiness is what everyone is looking for, isn’t it?

Yes, happiness. Not accomplishments nor successfulness. But happiness. Only happiness.