Krakatoa Trip

I should say that I quite enjoy my hours at the boat last weekend. As long I remembered, I’m a seasick person. My last boat trip was a 12 hours trip from Manado to Sangihe Island, Tahuna at 2009. I drank Seasick Medicine at that time. Haha!

Last week end I went to Anak Krakatau and islands hopping in Lampung area. I don’t know was it because I really enjoy the trip or because I went there with many friends or because I was really exciting with this trip. Somehow, I don’t feel rough seasick. Just a minor headache, and I guess it because I didn’t drink coffee to start my day.

We went at Friday 6 June night and arrived by next day, early morning in the Bakeheuni Port, Lampung. Then moved to Canti Port by minibus. After finished our breakfast we started with islands hopping using small boat. The view is really great.

20140611-042739 AM-16059758.jpg


We found a breathtaking sunset also from the boat.

20140611-042740 AM-16060101.jpg


And a funny shape of clouds.

20140611-042740 AM-16060777.jpg

By next day we started our day earlier and went to Anak Krakatau by 03.30 am. It is an active volcano. We only need half hour tracking to reach a peak under the crater. We didn’t continue to the summit. The mountain is covered by black sand. No trees!

20140611-042740 AM-16060388.jpg

But I admitted that the morning landscape from there was damn beautiful!

20140611-042740 AM-16060945.jpg

We continue our trip to another snorkling spot, Legon Cabe. The spot is quite good. The coral is quite beautiful. I found lots of fish there!  We went back to Jakarta by afternoon.

Just like previous trip I found many friends here. Some friends are from my previous trips. The other are friends of my friends from another previous trip. Friends bring new friends and another friends bring another new friends to us. That is how our loop connecting each other.

The funny thing is, no matter how many friends you have, you will only maintain friendship with the one who has same frequency and can synchron with yours, just like the power generation.

Krakatoa Trip

Winning Our Self

Last week one of my best friend, Nita, came to Jakarta. She was my work mate when I was in Parigi, Central Sulawesi. At my previous company, she handled logistic things, include our stomaches! Haha! She enjoy handle events, publications, and other external relationship.

Outside office hours, she is also my good friend. At the end of the week, we will find another friends just to feel the sea wind, the crazy jellyfish on our skin, or grab fresh coconut from the tree. At night, when I felt really hungry, I will call her and she will pick me up to her house and had dinner with her family. Haha!

Just like another uptown girl, she looked very exciting with all the things in this Capital city Of Indonesia, Jakarta. Started with malls, buildings, giant supermarket, restaurants, etc. She was also suprised with the prices. She can find a blouse with a very unvelievable low price (20k IDR or 1,7 USD) until very unbelievable high price (2000k IDR or 171 USD). She took picture at every single place she stops, until at one day suddenly the memory card is full and she can’t take picture unless she removed some of her pictures. Hahaha!

She was buying everyting! Shirts, tshirts, pants, shoes, sandals, even candies! Just name it. Please note, that she can buy several shirt, same model, different colour. Even my self don’t buy that much since my first day in Jakarta until today. Hahaha! This is the first time I see the real shopaholic with my own eyes. By her 4th day, we send her stuff by package delivery for around 10kg.

Each night when we went back to my room, she felt sorry for buying stuff so much and promise that she will not shopping the next day. She said,”Tomorrow I will not shopping. Taking picture only.” Somehow at the next day, she forgot her promise and started buying anything. Hahaha. Cute Nita!

I guess that thing happen to everyone’s life. You know what I mean? Feeling sorry but keep doing that? We are totally know and understand that gossiping is not good but somehow we still gossiping! That is just a very simple example. I guess what I am try to telling you that our biggest enemy is not our friend, is not the circumtences, is not the bad guy, but our own self. No matter what happen around you, as long you can lead your self, you’ll be the one who decide your own destiny, together with God of course.

Winning yourself means winning the world.

Winning Our Self

Listening to A Clare Benediction by The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter & City of London Sinfonia

When you sleep may His angels watch over you.
When you wake may He fill you with His grace.
May you love Him and serve Him all your days.
Then in heaven may you see His face. 🙂

Listening to A Clare Benediction by The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter & City of London Sinfonia

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Listening to A Clare Benediction by The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter & City of London Sinfonia