Togian Islands in Motion

There you are, short video of our adventure in Togian Islands.


We stayed in Kadidiri Paradise.  An island with marvellous Sunrise and Sunset view.


This Picture is taken by my brother, Sander Sonambela. No edit, Filter ND16.

From several coral spots we visited, I found Hotel California Reefs is the most beautiful one. We also had a very excited time in Mariona Jellyfish Lake. The Lake filled with unpoisoned jellyfish. You can play with them!



We had a sunny interested time in Bajo Fisherman Villages. Found unique acitivities and houses there.



Milky way, stars, laugh and beers filled our nights.

Totally we visited  11 Spots :

  • Kadidiri Island and Corals
  • Bajo Village in Papan Island
  • Hotel California Reefs
  • Mariona Jellyfish Lake
  • Karina Beach and Corals
  • Taupan Islands
  • Katrin Reefs
  • Poyalisa Island
  • Bajo Village in Siatu Island
  • Batulumoto Reef
  • Taipi Beach

Togian Islands are perfect place to escape and get lost in there!


All pictures and video are taken by iPhone5s, except Sander’s picture. Video edited using iMovie application.
Happy watching! 😀

Togian Islands in Motion