Nature Symphony

We woke up a little bit late that Saturday. We were at Surya Kencana (2750 mdpl) , the large savanna on our way to Gede Mountain summit (2958 mdpl). We spent a night there before continue our hiking. Lots of other group also had a rest there. It was a really bright morning. I can hear other group was busy packing up their stuff before continue their hiking. The other still enjoyed their time, laugh and joking each other, while having their breakfast.


I could see the sun smiling to us and say,”Hey you there!” The clouds was dancing together with the wind. Even The mountain blend with the happiness of all the adventurer. The edelweisses and the grass greet us a warm Good Morning. I heard leaves of the trees swayed. The air were really fresh.

And I, I was sitting enjoy all of this rare beautiful moment.


Yes, it took a lot of effort to get here, but it was nothing compare with this serenity. I guess this is the real church, Home of Thy God, just like Anthony de Mello said in his book The Prayer of The Frog 1. The church which is made by God’s own hand for us, is the nature. All we need to do is sit quietly and enjoy the view.

And if you closed your eyes and sang the praise to Him from your heart, you could hear every single part of the mountain sang together with you.

Piano by the edelweiss, violin by the wind, celo by the tree leaves, you can even hear the triangle played by the grass. Rocks on percussion and harp by the clouds. All creatures bring their own colour to this concert. They put their best and create a great symphony of nature praise to their creator, the perfect artist, Thy God.


I thanked You, God. For let me be part of the nature symphony in Your beautiful mountain church.

And the best way to praise Him is taking care the nature. Because the nature is God’s real home.

Nature Symphony